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We live in a time of unrest, extremism, climate change despair, and of course fear of covid 19.

An entire generation is now growing up, in a world where hope, and belief in their dreams and wishes, is no longer an option on the table. Childhoods, are being lost to the harsh consequences of today’s realities.

Virtasian Tales as both a book, and a motion picture book, has but one far-reaching goal, and that is to restore the world’s faith and belief, in the magic of their individual and collective, dreams and wishes.

Each and every character within this story, plays an important role in trying to restore the readers, or viewers, faith in their dreams and wishes.

To assist in achieving the above, Virtasian Tales provides readers and viewers, young and old, a glimpse of a fantastic magical world called Virtasia, which is within everyone’s grasp to visit in their dreams, if they truly wish to venture to it.

Virtasia allows us all, young and old, rich or poor, sick or healthy, to escape the harsh realities of our less forgiving world, for a period of time each day. 


Unfortunately, most parents have been lost in the harsh realities of this world for so long, they have forgotten how, as children, they were able to venture to magical worlds in their own dreams. Hence they are not well placed, to provide their children, with the keys they are surely going to need, to open the doors of magical worlds, they can retreat to, whenever they need to take a break from the harsh realities of this world.

Within this story, Gran, Bellasini, the Wizard of Wisdom and Dress of Dreams, will subtly remind us of all we have forgotten, and the critically important things we must never again forget to teach, all the children of the world.

“All those who have lost faith in their Dream’s and Wishes, are destined to be trapped in Reality forever.


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