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The Storyteller is the narrator of Virtasian Tales. In each of the 36 episodes he is seen reading the story to a group of wide eyed 3D animated children, listening to his every word.

The voice of the Storyteller is that of the author of Virtasian Tales, Mr. Paul Phillips.



Bellasini is the main character of Virtasian Tales.

A lover of animals and the environment, she is a true believer in the power of our Dreams and Wishes.

In both Virtasia and Reality, her mission is to defeat the greedy Glitch, and try to once again restore every one’s faith in their Dreams and Wishes.

For only then can the magic of Virtasia, truly be restored


Gran has been a major influence in Bellasini's life. Making sure she never loses faith in the magic of her dreams and wishes.  She does this by telling her fantastic stories each and every day, after school.

Little does Bellasini know, Gran has been preparing her for the day when she, the Princess born of both Worlds, will be needed to help save both Virtasia and Reality from the clutches of the greedy Glitch, and restore the magic of Virtasia.


Book is a very unique character. He is not an ordinary book, which can be opened and read. Rather he is a pantomath.  His pages contain the knowledge and understanding of all things, ever written, by each and every one of us, from all worlds.

However, he belongs to, the Princess born of both worlds, which is of course Bellasini. Hence only Bellasini can summon Book, anytime she wishes to know the answer to one of her many questions, as she makes her way through Virtasia


Zac is a very mischievous little bird in Virtasia, who funnily enough requires a propeller on his hat to fly.

He becomes Bellasini’s guide and companion in Virtasia.

He is constantly bantering with Book, as he guides Bellasini through the mysterious lands of Virtasia.

An adorable little bird, which the entire family will fall in love with.


Glitch is the greedy villain of Virtasia. He took over the throne of Virtasia, when the King left to search for his long lost Queen. Now Glitch wants to also rule Reality. Bellasini and Gran are out to stop him, and take back the throne.


The Wizard of Wisdom, or the Wiz as Bellasini likes to call him, lives in the Library of Life, which is full of the Lifelogs, of every person who has ever lived in both Reality, and Virtasia.


The Wizard is the little voice we all here in our head from time to time,  giving us advice:


Clint is a little boy Bellasini meets on her way to school each day, who unfortunately has cancer; so he is not very well. However he loves to feed the animals of the forest each day with Bellasini.

Keep reading there is a happy ending for Clint.


Gemma is Bellasini's best friend. She is always there when Bellasini needs help.

She is known as the Movie Star at school because she always keeps up with all the gossip about movie stars on social media. 


Ms. Crabtree is the school Librarian.


She dislikes computers and believes things were so much better in her days without them. 


The King of Virtasia was the love of Gran's life.


He stepped down from his throne to go searching Virtasia far and wide for his Queen 


Residing in the Resting Place of Magic

There is said to be enough magic woven into the treads of the Dress of Dreams to grant all the wishes of the world


Glitch's two computer viruses which he has unleashed upon Realities Computer systems.

They are mischievous not bad characters


The Robots work in Techtasia 

They work for who every controls them. 

Who will final control them.

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