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Birthday Surprise

It was the morning of Bellasini’s fifteenth birthday.

Mr. Squirrel and Bluebird, had invited all the little creatures from the forest, to help throw her a party.


They all tiptoed through her open window very early that morning; waiting patiently for the sun to peep up over the horizon.


As the first sunbeams began to dance across Bellasini’s pajama clad body, laying snugly asleep in her bed, Bluebird flapped her wings, and began to whistle happy birthday, as loud as her little lungs would permit.


Bellasini’s sleep filled eyes, were greeted with the vision of a hundred little creatures and birds, sitting patiently atop every vantage point within her room.


At first, she thought it was just another marvelous dream. That was until a misdirected gum nut, dropped by Mr. Squirrel, hit her on the nose.


Bellasini then realized, she had awoken to the most fantastic birthday surprise ever.

As she sat up in bed, all the little creatures rushed forward to present her with their special gifts. There were red flowers, yellow ones, pink ones and blue, along with gifts of marbles, buttons, shiny stones, and even a little lost shoe. Her room was filled with the excited chatter and song, of a hundred different birds and animals, all vying for her attention.


While singing and dancing around the room, Bellasini kissed and cuddled every little creature, that was helping make this the most exciting birthday surprise ever.


In fact she was so excited, she almost forgot about the time.


After quickly taking a shower, and throwing on her clothes, she hurriedly gave each and every little friend, old and new, one last kiss and cuddle goodbye.


They all sat ever so quietly, watching her every move, as she turned to wave goodbye.


Oh, how Bellasini wished they could understand her. For then she could tell them, how dearly she loved them all. Although, just maybe, the heart-felt smile on her face as she waved goodbye, expressed more love than any words she could have spoken.


Birthday or not, Bellasini knew she would now have to hurry, as she still had a lot to do before school.


So, she lovingly blew them all one last kiss, and headed downstairs for breakfast.

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