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Each day after her walk in the forest with Gran, Bellasini rushes home to chat online with all her friends, about all the different things she may have discovered with Gran that day. Bellasini has thousands of friends all over the world, on social media.

She likes to think of her laptop, and mobile phone, as her own little pieces of magic. Just by typing in a few seemingly magical words, they are able to take her anywhere in the world. They are her source, of far off adventure and fun. Her looking glass, into the world beyond. Her very own crystal balls.

A quick glance around Bellasini’s bedroom, readily confirms Gran’s influence. It is filled with dolls, and figurines from countless movies and books.

However, there is one very special figurine which takes pride of place on her shelves. An old, and somewhat tattered chimney-sweep boy. It is definitely not the cleanest, newest, nor best looking of her toys. In fact, it would be very easy to believe, this figurine really had been up a few dirty chimneys.

It originally belonged to Gran, who for years had it on display in her living room. For some unknown reason, every time Bellasini visited Gran’s house, she was drawn to the boy. She held him ever so tightly, through each and every one, of Gran’s fantastic tales.

On her fifth birthday, Gran decided to give the doll to Bellasini. She still remembers Gran’s words as she passed her the doll. “Never judge anyone by his or her appearance. Their true beauty, will always lay hidden within.”

Bellasini's parents live next door to Gran, so her upstairs bedroom window opens up over the rain forest. She tries never to close that window, as each morning, many of her furry little friends from the forest, climb through it to visit her.

Her two special friends, are a beautiful bluebird, and a playful little squirrel, which are sure to climb through the window each morning.

Every morning, the high-spirited bluebird, perched atop Bellasini's bookshelf, would whistle a set of merry tunes it had learnt from Bellasini. While the mischievous little squirrel, who Bellasini had aptly named, ‘Mr. Squirrel,’ would drop gum nuts onto her pillow.

There surely could be no better way in the world, to be woken up each morning.


Bellasini’s life was almost perfect.

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