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Gran did not believe that wishes should be saved until your birthday, a rainbow, or a falling star. She would always tell Bellasini, you can never make too many wishes, and what was wrong with the world today, was that too many people, had lost faith, in their own dreams.

Gran truly believes, if we all keep wishing long and hard enough, all our dreams and wishes, really will come true.

So each day with her hands firmly clasped inside Gran’s, Bellasini would close her eyes, look towards the heavens, and recite her ever growing list of wishes.

Each afternoon, after hearing one of Gran's amazing stories, and making her wishes, Bellasini would accompany Gran, on her walk through the magnificent rain forest, across the road from her cottage. Together, they must have walked through that forest more than a thousand times, yet Bellasini cannot remember a single visit, where Gran did not reveal something new: a plant, flower, bird, or small creature which had been unseen on all previous visits.

Bellasini was sure, that these mysterious old woods, were Gran’s ‘Enchanted Forest’; her secret place of mystical adventure.

A few years ago, on one such walk, Bellasini remembers Gran coming across a grand old oak tree, which had shed all its leaves, and looked as if it was about to wither and die.

Gran was heartbroken, to see the tall old tree that had shaded her for so many years, in such a state. Bellasini will never forget the emotion on Gran’s face, as she tenderly wrapped her arms around its ailing trunk, causing the two teardrops, which had welled in her eyes, to splash down on the exposed roots, of the dying tree.

The next day, as if by magic, the old tree was once again dancing to and fro, in the wind.

As they approached, every new leaf on the tree, madly waved and fluttered, as its trunk bowed gracefully, in the direction of Gran.

Bellasini was in no doubt, this was not the result of a sudden gust of wind. The magnificent old tree, was merely expressing its gratitude, to the kind-hearted angel, who loved and cared, for all the creatures of the forest.

Gran responded with a smile, and blew a kiss, which was carried by a small puff of wind, to every dancing leaf on the tree.

Bellasini has inherited Gran's love of forests and their trees, so each day she always did everything she possibly could, to protect and nurture all the trees and creatures, of Gran's enchanted forest.

Bellasini's mother thinks Gran’s stories, and escapades in the forest, maybe a result of her ever-increasing age, and illness. And maybe she was right.

Gran had of late been very ill. Her hair had turned completely grey, and her once beautiful face, was now hidden beneath scores of wrinkles. A gypsy could surely tell you more about the future, from the spellbinding lines running across Gran’s face, than she could from a thousand palms.

However, behind Gran’s wire rimmed spectacles, her remarkable emerald green eyes, still sparkled like moonlight, dancing on a lake of glass.

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