At the edge of a grand old forest, full of wild life, there is a charming little cottage almost hidden from view, by trees, bushes, birds and butterflies. Decorated with carpets, curtains, shelves and tables, all from a time long since passed, it is here, within these walls, Bellasini has managed to travel to places most of us have never dared dream of.

For this is Gran’s house. A house which is home to thousands, upon thousands, of old books.

Every shelf on every wall, floor to ceiling, is packed solid with Gran’s mysterious old books. She must have a copy of every fairy tale, fable, myth, and adventure, ever written.

Each day, Gran is able to whisk Bellasini away to far off lands, simply by reading aloud from one of her amazing books; set in times long ago, when magic and dreams ruled the world.

Some days Gran would have Bellasini on the edge of her seat, with tales of fire breathing dragons, goblins, imps and elves. While on others, she would just sit spellbound, listening to amazing stories of handsome young princes, searching mysterious lands, far and wide, for their long lost princesses.

After each amazing tale, Gran would always take Bellasini’s hands into her own, and quietly whisper, “Princess, all those who have lost faith in their dreams and wishes, are destined to be trapped in reality forever. Cinderella changed her life with a single wish, and so can you, so long as you keep believing in your dreams and wishes.”

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