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Her father apologized, explaining that someone had sent a computer virus to the bank, at exactly 12 o'clock last night. It had come in as a 'happy birthday' message, and was now attacking all the records and files of the bank. The owner of the bank, Mr. Ritchie, insisted he come into work immediately, or else.


"So have you fixed it?"


"I wish," anxiously replied her father. “I am afraid this one is unlike any virus I have ever seen before. It is constantly changing. It is acting as if it has a mind of its own."


"You will be home for my birthday tonight? Won't you dad?"

"I hope so Pumpkin. However, if this virus gets into the accounts of the townspeople, all will be lost for the entire town. Mr. Ritchie disconnected our backup systems last month, to try and save some money. I told him this would happen, but he wouldn't listen. Luckily I have..."


Half way through his explanation of the situation, the old computer screen began to flicker and lose sound.


"Dad, there seems to be a glitch with our connection. Hello Dad! Dad! Dad, are you there?" Bellasini called out louder and louder, frantically pressing various keys on the keyboard in an effort to fix the problem.


“I need to tell you what happened at home this morning!”


Then all of a sudden the old screen went blank, leaving just three words displayed.


‘Happy Birthday – Glitch.’


"This just can't be!" shouted Bellasini at the top of her voice.


Ms. Crabtree immediately started to shuffle towards the resource area, huffing and puffing.


"Bellasini! Was that you, who just shouted in my library?"


"Oh! Umm, sorry Ms. Crabtree", replied Bellasini. "But I was joining in the virtual play that was being staged by the group. And my lines were, 'to be, or not to be, that is the question?” shouted Bellasini once again. “I guess I got carried away."


"To be, or not to be! Hmm. That is one of Shakespeare’s most famous lines. So you were in the play?" continued Ms. Crabtree.


"Oh yes Ms," replied Bellasini.


“Hmmm! Alright then. For a minute there, I thought you must have been playing a game or something foolish like that.”


"Oh no Ms! I would never do that," replied Bellasini innocently, heading for the library door.


Half way to the door, her mobile phone started playing a tune. It was a message from Gemma.


‘Sini where are you? Phones are working, and class is starting. Hurry!’


"What was that?” huffed Ms. Crabtree, in Bellasini’s direction.


"I have no idea Ms. Crabtree. Maybe your radio is up too loud?"


"Oh," grumbled a rather embarrassed Ms. Crabtree, scratching her head. “But I don't have a radio.

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