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As the young man straightened up, Bellasini’s eyes were presented with the vision of a strikingly handsome young Prince, standing before her.


He looked ten feet tall, and ever so handsome in his red uniform.


Her eyes still blinking in disbelief, slowly focused in on his face.


“But you’re the chimney sweep boy,” spluttered Bellasini.


"Oh that!” laughed the young Prince. “Was just a disguise Princess.”


Bowing once more, he continued. “Let me introduce myself. I am Prince Icon, the Guardian Prince, of the Kings and Queens of Virtasia. I was in that disguise following the Queen, whom I am sworn to protect. When she disappeared, stepping into some strange kind of invisible door, I had no other choice than to follow her. However, after I stepped through that door, I can’t remember anything. Nothing that is, until the day I saw a beautiful young angel, climbing into a magnificent carriage of gold. I thought I must have died, and gone to heaven.”


“Oh stop it!” blushed Bellasini.


“So you didn’t really answer my question Princess,” continued the Prince, holding out one of his white gloved hands.


“What question?” replied a rather confused Bellasini.


“I wish to have this dance, Princess?”


Before Bellasini had a chance to answer, the Dress of Dreams swept her off her feet, into the waiting arms of her Prince.


“Oh my Gosh!” shrieked an embarrassed Bellasini. “I am so sorry, but this dress sometimes has a mind of its own.”


“Princess! I initially thought your dress must surely be the most beautiful thing ever made,” laughed the Prince, leading Bellasini toward the dance floor. “But now I think it must have been sent, from heaven.”


As the orchestra began to play, the Dress of Dreams led the Prince and Princess in a magnificent waltz across the dance floor.


The King, Queen, Snow White, Zac, Book and the royal guests, all applauded, as the beautiful young couple, glided across the floor.


“So you never told me, what you did with the Glitch doll, so as to ensure, he would never get near another computer, for the rest of his life?” asked the Prince, as they continued to dance.


“I can assure you, he will never get near another computer,” chuckled Bellasini.


“Remember in the carriage, I told you all about our librarian, Ms. Crabtree, who absolutely hates computers. And, that she retired today. Well! I gave Glitch to her, as a going away present. Apparently, she is going to use him as a pin cushion,” laughed Bellasini.


The beautiful young couple, were so engrossed in each other’s embrace, they hardly missed a step, as the Dress of Dreams, gently raised them from the dance floor.


As if dancing upon the notes of the music, they floated out through the Palace window, high into the night sky.


In front of a beautiful full moon, they waltzed around, and around, causing the crystals on the Dress of Dreams, to reflect the moonlight across the night sky, like a mirror ball. Creating a spectacular new galaxy of magical stars, which would forever, light the night sky of Virtasia.


With fireworks from the Ball below, exploding all around them, the Prince looked into Bellasini’s beautiful blue eyes, and softly asked. “So is this where you intend to end your story, Princess Bellasini?”


“Oh no!” excitedly laughed Bellasini, gazing back at her handsome young Prince. “This is where my story begins! I now have to restore the magic of Virtasia, and return millions of magical crystal hearts, sewn into this dress, to their rightful owners, in Reality.

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