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“Are you happy Princess?” whispered the Queen.


“More than words could ever express,” replied Bellasini, with a tear in her eye.


“Thank you Gran! Thank you for everything.”


“And maybe you should thank your grandfather, for inviting so many handsome young Princes, here tonight,” joked the Queen.


Bellasini’s childhood wish had finally come true.


There were plenty of handsome young Princes, throughout the Ballroom. However, for some strange reason it didn’t feel quite right. It was everything that she had ever wished for, but still, it just did not feel the way she thought it would.


Before Bellasini could think any more about it, the trumpets sounded once more.


“Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the arrival of, Princess Snow White.”


“It can’t be Gran?” excitedly squealed Bellasini. “You never told me Snow White was coming to the Ball.”


Bellasini had already met many of her childhood heroes, and heroines, on the steps of the Palace, but this was altogether different. Snow White was a legend. Luckily she had the Dress of Dreams, to help her remain upright, as she was beginning to feel quite weak, at the knees.


“Oh my gosh Gran!” squealed Bellasini once more, as Snow White made her way down the stairs. “Please, please don’t tell me Cinderella is coming to the Ball as well. It would be more than I could handle.”


As Snow White reached the last step of the staircase, she called across the ballroom, in the direction of the Queen.


“Cinders! Dear Cinders! Where have you been all this time? I have missed you so much!”


Bellasini stood in stunned silence, as tears began to roll down the cheeks of Gran, rushing toward the outstretched arms, of Snow White.


A million things began to go around, and around, inside Bellasini’s head.


What was Snow White saying?


Had she heard correctly?


Was Snow White suggesting that her Gran, the Queen, was really the fairytale Princess, Bellasini had idolized her entire life?


It’s just not possible, she thought to herself.


Until that is, Bellasini caught sight of something she had not previously noticed, Gran wearing.


As the Queen rushed forward, she gently lifted her ball gown, revealing a magnificent pair of glass slippers.


“Oh my Gosh!” squealed Bellasini. “It just can’t be! All these years! I should have guessed! Gran, you surely are, the most beautiful princess, that has ever been! Of course you are Cinderella. You have always been, and will always be the most beautiful fairytale princess ever.”


Although still totally overcome by events unfolding in front of her, Bellasini was drawn to a seemingly familiar voice, coming from behind. "Excuse me Princess, may I have the next dance?"


It sounded like her new found friend, the chimney sweep boy. The person she feared she may never see again.


However, when she swung round to see who it was, her eyes were not greeted by the image of a grubby young chimney sweep. Instead, there bowed in front of her, was a well-dressed young Prince.


“So will you dance with me Princess?” asked the Prince once more, maintaining his bowed position.


“Who are you?” inquisitively asked Bellasini. “Could you please stand so I may see your face?”


“Why? Will it make a difference to your answer?” responded the Prince. “After you know what I look like.”


“Of course not. I would love to dance with you, no matter who you are.”


Bellasini paused for a brief second before continuing. “It was just that for a minute there I thought you were…”


Bellasini broke in mid-sentence. “Oh! It does not matter.”


“In that case Princess, I will stand and introduce myself.”

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