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"Wow! This has been the best day of my life," excitedly squealed Bellasini. “Nothing more could possibly happen today."


”Well Princess,” piped up Zac, as they began their long walk down the corridor. “Remember how you asked us to find the computer assignments, of your class mates.”


“Yes!” replied Bellasini.


“Well we did. And they have all been restored, and entered into the National Schools Computer Competition.”


“Wow! That’s fantastic news,” shrieked Bellasini, kissing them both.


“All my friends at school, will be ever so grateful to you.”


“Not as grateful as Mr. McRam,” responded Zac.


“What do you mean Zac?”


“Well you see, Book not only found all your friends assignments, he also located every other student’s in the country,” continued Zac; gently patting Book on the top of his upstanding bobble, with his little wing. “And it would appear that Mr. McRam’s wish has finally come true. He has taught the number one computer student in the whole country! And it’s you, Princess!” excitedly screeched Zac, shaking Bellasini’s hand. “You are the number one computer student, in the entire country.”


“Yahoo!” You guys are fantastic,” squealed Bellasini, madly hugging and kissing them both.


"Sini, Sini!" shouted a very familiar voice from down the corridor.


Bellasini stopped, and stared, at a little elf running down the corridor, to meet her. 


"Clint! Is that you? hesitantly shouted Bellasini, down the corridor, at the colorful elf running toward her.


"Yes!" excitedly shouted Clint. "I went straight home to bed with the crystal you gave me around my neck. And now I am here. Just like you said."


"Look at you Clint!" squealed Bellasini with glee, lifting him up in her arms. "You are the most handsome, and colorful elf, I have ever seen!"


Sini, in Virtasia I am not Clint any more. I'm Mif. The first elf to be seen in Virtasia, for as long as anyone can remember!" excitedly replied Clint.


"Well Mif, are you going to join Book and Zac, in escorting me to the Grand Ball?"


"Of course Sini. I've been waiting for you here," replied Clint.

As they all continued to make their way down the long corridor, Clint asked. "Sini, many of my friends at the hospital, are stuck in bed all today while they receive their treatments. Do you think you could give them a crystal so they can come to Virtasia in their dreams to play with me."  

"Clint, I would love to give all your friends at the hospital their crystal hearts." replied Bellasini, squeezing his hand a little tighter. "But you must remember the hearts will only work for those who believe in their dreams and wishes. So it might not work for all of them.

"Sini!" excitedly responded Clint. "I have been telling my friends in hospital all about you and the way you can call over all the little creatures of the forest, for ages. They all really, truly, believe in your magic, just like I do."

"Thank you Clint," responded Bellasini, giving him a hug. "Then I will bring all their little crystal hearts with me tomorrow when I meet you in the forest. On you way to school!" 

Suddenly Mif began to fade. O, oh! I think my mum is waking me up for dinner," continued Clint. "Bye for now Sini," giggled Mif, disappearing in a puff of smoke. "See you tomorrow." 


Still a little overcome by events so far, Bellasini finally found herself at the entrance to the grand ballroom, where the Royal Herald was awaiting her arrival. He of course, had to announce the Princess’s arrival to all the invited guests, before she could enter.


Trumpets blew loudly, before he announced for all to hear.


“Ladies and Gentlemen, please be up standing, for Her Royal Highness, Crown Princess Bellasini, who is tonight wearing the legendary Dress of Dreams, and is being escorted, by Virtasia’s two newest knights, Sir Book, and Sir Zac!”


The lights dimmed, as rousing music and cheers began to fill the room.


As the doors to the ballroom were thrown open, spotlights converged at the top of the staircase, to reveal the most beautiful Princess, Virtasia had ever seen.


Flanked by Book and Zac, in their fine trimmed uniforms, while wearing the dazzling Dress of Dreams, Bellasini’s beauty beamed out from behind her smile, as they all excitedly waved, to the cheering guests.


Even the Dress of Dreams, was fluttering with excitement.


To the continual applause of the waiting guests, Bellasini slowly made her way down the stairs, to take up her position next to the King and Queen.

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