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The Grand Ball

Word had got around, Virtasia’s prophesized Princess, born of both worlds, was about to arrive at the Palace: wearing the magical Dress of Dreams, in a golden carriage.


As the golden carriage, turned through the Palace gates, to start its journey up the cobblestone carriageway, it was greeted by thousands, upon thousands, of cheering Virtasians, waving flags.


The King’s royal guards, dressed in their magnificent white armor, had formed a guard of honor for Bellasini; who was madly waving to the crowds, which had come to catch a glimpse, of their magical Princess.


At the foot of the Palace steps, elegant doormen, opened the carriage door, to allow Bellasini to step out onto the red carpet, that led to the Palace doors.


Book and Zac, dressed in regal attire, befitting their new stature as Royal Knights of Virtasia, were waiting patiently at the end of the carpet, to greet her.


“Zac! Book! My how handsome you both look!” giggled Bellasini out through the carriage door, in their direction. “Or should I say, Sir Zac and Sir Book.”


“Princess!” shouted Zac, over the noise of the crowd. “We have come to escort you to the King’s Ball.”


“Well let me see!” responded Bellasini, looking them both up and down. “Hmm! Well I guess you are the two most handsome young Knights, I have ever seen.


”Zac held out his little wing, and Book the corner of his cover, to help Bellasini down from the carriage.


As she stepped down from the carriage, wearing the Dress of Dreams, Zac, Book and the enormous crowd of cheering well-wishers, fell silent. The guards and doormen, also quickly bowed their heads.


This was the first time, anyone had ever seen the legendary Dress of Dreams.


Stepping down from the carriage, the crystals of the dress reflected the afternoon sun, in a magnificent display, of light and color. The crowd stood silent, in awe of their dazzling magical Princess.


“Princess! You look like an angel in that dress,” sighed Zac.


There was no longer any doubt, in the minds of all those who saw her step down from the carriage. Bellasini, truly was the Princess born of both worlds, who would one day restore the magic of Virtasia.


The crowd broke their silence, with an enormous cheer.


Flash-lights and cameras, lit up all around her, as she moved forward to shake the hands of the people, who had waited so patiently, to catch a glimpse of her.


“I feel like a movie star!” shouted Bellasini.


Talking to countless people in the crowd, as she accepted bunches of flowers from smiling young children, she slowly made her way up the red carpet.


Joyous laughter filled the air, as flash lights continued to pop all around. Even the Dress of Dreams, fluttering madly, seemed to be enjoying the Princess’s welcome home.


Flanked by Book and Zac, Bellasini blew one last kiss, and reluctantly waved goodbye to the crowd, as the doors of the palace opened, to reveal the majestically decorated corridors, which would take her to the ballroom.

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