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Standing behind her, stood a poorly dressed young man, who looked as though he had not had a bath in weeks.


It was the chimney sweep boy, Gran had given to her.


“Of course my good friend, I would be happy to give you a ride,” she replied, climbing into the carriage.


“Oh dear, I nearly forgot!” shrieked Bellasini, looking down at the crystals on the dress. “Is it ok to sit down, while wearing you?”


The crystals flashed blue.


“You talk to your clothes?” asked the chimney sweep boy, climbing into the carriage.


“It’s a long story,” laughed Bellasini, as the carriage began its journey to the palace.


On the way, they talked and laughed about everything. It was if they had known each other all their lives, and of course in a strange sort of way, they had. However, this was the first time, they had really been able to talk to each other.


“So why are you going to the Palace? Do you work there or something?" asked Bellasini.


The young man thought for a second, before replying. “Well kind of.”


“In that case, I will speak to my grandfather, the King, and see if he can find you a better job, at the Palace,” responded Bellasini.


“Thank you Princess. That would be very nice. But tell me… Why are you going to the Palace, in this magnificent coach, dressed in such beautiful ball gown?”


Bellasini explained to the young man all that had happened over the past few days. She told him all about Glitch, Gran, Gemma, Zac, Book, the Wizard, the Dress of Dreams, Clint and her father. She finally ended her story, by telling him all about the Royal Ball, which the King was hosting, to celebrate the Queen’s return.


Bellasini was a little embarrassed, to reveal that her lifelong dream was to attend a magnificent Royal Ball, where she could hopefully meet, the Prince of her dreams.


It was quite a long journey to the Palace, however they were having so much fun, the time passed quickly.


Before too long, the carriage stopped at the Palace gates, where the Chimney Sweep Boy had asked, to be let out.


“Thank you for the ride Princess, and I hope you meet the Prince of your dreams, at the Ball.”


“Oh! We will see,” laughed Bellasini. “You just make sure you come and visit me next time you’re at the Palace. I need some friends in Virtasia.”


“But I am only a chimney sweep…. While you! Are surely the most beautiful Princess in the entire land.”


“Oh don’t be silly,” blushed Bellasini. “In the real world, I am just plain old Sini. Besides, I will ask the King about obtaining you a better position at the Palace, so we can see each other, every day. Oh, you haven’t told me your name?”


“If you refer to me as the chimney sweep boy, the Queen will know who you are talking about,” answered the young man, climbing down from the carriage.


“You know my Gran?” responded Bellasini.


“Everybody knows the Queen. She is the most famous person in all of Virtasia. She is...”


The boy stopped in mid-sentence, and thought for a second, before continuing. “You really do not know who your Gran is? Do you?”


“What do you mean?” asked a very confused Bellasini.


“Oh nothing,” replied the boy. “You will work it out.”


“Work what out?”


However it was too late. The sweeper boy had already waved goodbye, and disappeared around the corner.


Bellasini tried to call him back, but it was to no avail.


A tinge of sadness came across Bellasini, realizing her new friend was gone, and she may never see him again.


Maybe he wasn’t exactly the Prince of her dreams, still, he was the first real friend of her own age, she had made in Virtasia.


A sad, and somewhat puzzled Bellasini, had the coach resume its journey, into the magnificent Palace grounds.

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