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The Toys

Bellasini had used her magic, to quietly leave Clint and his mother in the park, and return to her bedroom in Reality.


“Thank you ever so much, my beautiful little fairies,” murmured Bellasini, glancing down at the millions of crystals which covered her dress. “Your hearts maybe made of crystal, but they are most definitely, filled with gold.”


All the tiny crystals on the Dress of Dreams, responded by sparkling a flash of blue light.


“Oh my gosh! You understand what I am saying?”


The crystals once again, flashed blue.


“Well my little crystal fairies, we have come to my bedroom in Reality, to collect my pumpkin. I am sure when we take it back to Virtasia, it will change into a beautiful golden carriage. Then we can ride in it, to the King’s Ball tonight. Just like Cinderella!”


The crystals once more sparkled and flashed blue.


“Hmm!” thought Bellasini, looking around her room. “Maybe I should take all my toys and dolls back with me to Virtasia. If the Wiz is right, and he always is, they will come to life in Virtasia.”


Spinning around the room, with her arms outstretched, she clashed the two bracelets and shouted aloud. “Let’s all go home, to Virtasia!”


As Bellasini and the Dress of Dreams materialized in Virtasia, they found themselves standing in the middle, of a bustling crowd.


Catching sight of Kuching, and some other familiar characters, Bellasini shouted. “Oh my gosh! All these folks are my toys.”


The Wizard was right. All her toys had come to life, and were now singing and dancing around Bellasini, and the Dress of Dreams; celebrating their return home, to Virtasia.


It was a joyous time for everyone, as Bellasini shared stories and laughed, with all her toys.


The pumpkin, as Bellasini had wished, was now a beautiful horse drawn coach, waiting to take her to the ball.


“Kuching, please look after them all while I am gone?” asked Bellasini, hugging him tightly. “This is the first time, they have all been away from home. Don’t let them wander off. I really have to go, or else I will be late for my first ball.”


Bellasini was just about to step into her carriage, when an unfamiliar voice from behind asked. “Excuse me Princess, could you give me a ride to the Palace?”

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