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As Bellasini tapped the bracelets together behind his back, the Dress of Dreams began to flutter and dance, as if caught in a storm.


A rainbow, stretching to heaven and back, suddenly appeared in the clear afternoon sky, touching to earth, exactly where Bellasini stood holding Clint in her arms.


A warm stream of golden light began to emerge from the bracelets. Like a river of life, it made its up through Bellasini’s arms, into Clint’s disease-ravaged body, causing his head to gently arch back into Bellasini’s warm embrace.


As the stream of light, reached his little drawn cheeks, they immediately filled, revealing a cheeky, lovable smile. The healing light, filtered through every inch of Clint’s frail body. Restoring his strength, color, and thick blonde hair.


Bellasini slowly rose to her feet, lifting Clint from his chair, in her embrace.


Kissing him on the forehead, she whispered, “Clint, as you wished, you now have the power to restore your mother's happiness. Go to her, and make her smile.”


“Thank you my Fairy Princess,” replied Clint, hugging Bellasini like he had never hugged anyone before.


“Will I still see you again tomorrow?” he asked, tearing off his hat, and throwing it to the ground.


“Yes, I think you are going to see me every day from now on Clint,” replied Bellasini. “On your way to school! But first, I want to give you something very important."


"What? What? "excitedly, asked Clint.


"Do you believe in the magic of your dreams and wishes Clint?" asked Bellasini.


"Of course I do Sini," replied Clint. "You know that!"


"Let me check! responded Bellasini, looking down at the Dress of Dreams, for any crystal heart flashing bright blue.


"Here it is!" sighed Bellasini, reaching down to remove a single bright blue crystal from the dress. "Wow! This one is glowing very brightly."


"What is Sini? Show me please." 


"This is your very own magical heart," replied Bellasini. "It contains all the dreams and wishes, you have ever made. But more importantly, if you fall asleep with it hanging near your bed, or even under your pillow, it has enough magic contained within it, to transport you to a magical place, called Virtasia, in your dreams."


"Wow!" replied Clint, gently taking the crystal from Bellasini's hand. Will you be there?"


"Of course Clint," giggled Bellasini. "I will always be there for you."


"I'm going to go home right now, and try it!" responded Clint, staring intently at the crystal.


"I'll be there waiting for you,” chuckled Bellasini, as she gently lowered him to the ground.


"See you in my dreams Sini," excitedly squealed Clint, turning to run toward his mother.


“Mum! Mum!” squealed Clint. “Don’t be sad anymore! You see! I’m ok!"


Upon hearing Clint’s unusually loud voice running toward her, she quickly raised her head from her hands.


She wiped her eyes again, and again, only to be greeted by the same miraculous image, of Clint standing straight and tall, in front of her.


“Oh my gosh Clint! It is you! And look at your hair!” cried his mother, falling from the bench to her knees.


“How could this be?” she asked, touching him from head to toe. Frantically trying to verify, this was not just some fantastic dream.


“Bellasini mum!” shouted Clint. “She was right. If you really truly wish hard and long enough, no matter what your dream, or wish maybe. It will come true.”


Clint’s mother looked in the direction of the now empty little wheelchair, for any sign of the person, which had fulfilled the dream, she had for years, been too afraid to wish.


However, Bellasini and her beautiful Dress of Dreams, had vanished, just as quickly as they had appeared.


“Oh Clint,” wept his mother, hugging him ever so tightly. “I promise, I will never, ever, lose faith in a dream or wish ever again.”

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