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“Gran! Gran!” squealed Bellasini, arriving in her usual cloud of colorful smoke. “I know how to return all the magical crystal hearts, to their rightful owners.” 


"Slow down Princess, you will have plenty of time to tell me tomorrow. Right now we have to get you ready for the Ball!" continued the Queen. "Or we will be late!"


"Yes! you're right Gran. It is getting late. Whoops! I mean your Majesty."


The Queen moved closer, and wrapped her hands around Bellasini’s.


“Princess, I may look different now on the outside, but I have, and will always be, the same person on the inside. Your grandmother.”


The Queen paused as she looked down at their inter-twined hands.


“Together with your bracelets, the Dress of Dreams is going to give you many new magical powers, especially now you have worked out how to read the symbols on these walls. You will need to spend many hours working out what you now can, and can’t do. The Wizard and Book, will be able to help you. However, your most important power, will be the ability to fulfill any dream, or wish, you so desire. Even your own. So my beautiful Fairy Princess, shall we make a wish together? Like we did each day in my charming little cottage, back in Reality.”


“But all my dreams and wishes have already come true Gran,” replied Bellasini. “I have you back. You have found your handsome King, and I am about to attend the grandest Ball in the land, in the dress of my dreams. What more could a girl ask for? Although… I guess there is one thing that I wish I could change. Just one thing that would make me even happier than I am now,” continued Bellasini. “I wish I had the power to help my very sick young friend, Clint.”


Flapping as if suddenly caught in a storm, the Dress of Dreams began to flicker and flash, as the bracelets glowing like two golden suns, pulled themselves together.


As they touched, without saying a word, Bellasini found herself standing in the forest in front of Clint, who was sitting patiently in his wheelchair, waiting to meet Bellasini, on her way home from school.


Although weakened, and showing the strains of his treatments, his eyes quickly lit up, when he realized that the beautiful angel who had just arrived inside a rainbow, was his good friend Bellasini."


Look mum!” shouted Clint. “I told you Bellasini was an angel.”


His mother, who had had her back turned adjusting Clint in his chair throughout Bellasini’s arrival, turned to see what had got Clint so excited.


Her eyes were greeted, with what appeared to be, a beautiful heaven-sent angel.


“Bellasini! I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you arrive,” stuttered Clint’s mother, rising to her feet. “You look absolutely stunning today. But why are you wearing such a beautiful white dress, in the forest?”


Bellasini had not expected to be transported back to Reality. After all she had not said a word as the bracelets touched. Therefore, she was not expecting to have to explain her dress, or her rather sudden arrival.


“Oh! The dress,” stammered Bellasini, looking down at the way she was dressed; searching for a believable answer.


“Well, you see I am… umm… playing a Princess in the school play, and umm.. Gran made this dress for me. So I thought I would wear it home from school this afternoon, to show you and Clint. What do you think?”


“It is absolutely beautiful Bellasini. I had no idea your grandmother was such a good dressmaker.”


“Oh! my Gran is full of surprises,” giggled Bellasini.


“You look like the Princess of Angels,” murmured Clint, from his wheelchair.


“Thank you Clint,” replied Bellasini, bending down to give him a gentle hug.


Bellasini and Clint’s mother talked for a short while about Clint’s worsening condition, and the fact that today would be the last day he would be able to visit her in the forest. That night, he was moving permanently to the hospital.


“Is it ok if I push Clint around the forest for a short while, to visit all his friends before he goes?” asked Bellasini.


“Of course Bellasini,” replied his mother. “Just don’t go too far, as we have to get home soon, and pack Clint’s things.”


Bellasini slowly pushed Clint, till they were just out of sight of his mother, before kneeling down to look into his sad little eyes. He looked ever so frail, strapped into his wheelchair.


“Do you remember what we do every day, at the end of our visits together?” asked Bellasini, gazing into Clint’s eyes.


“We make a wish!” excitedly squealed Clint.


“That’s right Clint,” replied Bellasini, placing his frail hands inside her own. “So what do you want to wish for today, my little man?” whispered Bellasini.


“I wish I could help my mum to stop crying all the time. I just want her to be happy, like before Sini,” replied Clint, turning to look over at his mother; slumped on the park bench with her head in her hands.


“Then, I think it is time for your wish to come true,” whispered Bellasini, gently wrapping her arms around him.


“Just close your eyes, and enjoy the warmth of my embrace.”

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