“I still don’t understand!” replied Bellasini.


“This man is writing your story as we speak. An enchanted magical tale, of the adventures of a young girl, from Reality,” replied the Wizard. “And guess what the book is called?”


“I don’t know,” replied Bellasini, looking intently at the man in the Lifelog; typing away on his computer.”


“Virtasian Tales!” replied the Wizard with glee. And you Princess Bellasini, are the main character.


“But how?” sighed Bellasini in disbelief; moving ever closer to the small man within the hologram. “I don’t think I have ever met this man before. How could he possibly know my story?”


“Some people from Reality, possess the rare ability to see into Virtasia. Charles Perrault could. He wrote Cinderella’s tale, without ever visiting Virtasia, as did the Brothers Grimm, tell the tale of Snow White. Now a man named Paul Phillips, is telling your story,” concluded the Wizard, glancing down at the man typing within the hologram of the Lifelog.


“Princess, read aloud what Paul Phillips just typed,” continued the Wizard.


Bellasini step forward to read the words on the small screen of the computer, the man was using in the hologram. “The Wizard stepped into his Library of Life and removed a soft glowing blue Lifelog from one of the shelves. He slowly opened it, to reveal a small hologram of an elderly man, tirelessly typing on his computer,” sighed Bellasini, in disbelief.


“Wow! He is writing my story as it is happening.”


Bellasini paused for a second, deep in thought, before continuing. "Has he got a hidden camera in here somewhere?” cried out Bellasini, quickly scanning the Wizard’s Library of Life.”


“No!” laughed the Wizard. “He just believes in you, and the magic you are going to restore to millions of people in your world.”

Listening ever more intently to the Wizard's words, Bellasini slowly bent down. Moving her head ever closer, to study the man in the hologram. 


Suddenly the man turned, and looked back at Bellasini.


"Oh my gosh he can see me," squealed Bellasini, stepping back from the hologram.

"No!" laughed the wizard once again. " He can feel you are here in my library, looking at him. But he can not really see you. Like you are seeing him."

“That’s spooky,” replied Bellasini, shaking her head gently. “So now what am I supposed to do?”

"Well I think the first thing you should do, is send Paul Phillips his crystal heart. He certainly believes in the magic of Virtasia, and I think it would be very good for you to meet and talk, when he comes to Virtasia in his dreams," replied the Wizard, slowly closing the Lifelog, and returning it to its spot on the shelf.

"I'll do that," replied Bellasini. "But what else do I need to do?"

“You used your knowledge of computers and technology to defeat the Glitch,” continued the Wizard. “Now you must use that same ability, to restore the magic of people’s dreams and wishes, back into their hearts. The technologies and social media of Reality, will allow you to communicate with millions of people living in Reality, at the same time.  Paul Phillips has already placed your story online for millions to read. Many people, young and old, who read your story, will once again start believing in their dreams and wishes. Hence they will want you to return their crystal heart to them. In fact there is one such person reading your story right now!" continued the Wizard, glancing over at a shelf of glowing Lifelogs.


“Oh I see,” sighed Bellasini, deep in thought. “But how will I know exactly which crystal heart is theirs?” Bellasini asked, looking down at the millions of crystal hearts sewn into the Dress of Dreams.


“Whenever you meet, talk, or even write to someone who once again believes in their dreams and wishes, their particular crystal heart on the dress, will flash bright blue,” replied the Wizard.

“Look here on your dress Princes!” continued the Wizard, pointing to a single crystal that was flashing blue. “This one must be Paul Phillips’s crystal heart.”


“Wow! That will make it easy!" excitedly squealed Bellasini.


“I think I know exactly how I can return all the magical hearts to their rightful owners,”  continued Bellasini.

“Princess, it is important you let each person know, that the magic of the crystal only works for those, who once again believe in the magic of their dreams and wishes. Also they will need to be asleep, or inanimate, exactly like a Virtasian would be in your world of Reality, with their crystal hanging near, or under their pillow. Only then will the magic of the crystal transport them back to Virtasia, as the person they always wished to be."


“Yes, I will tell them,” replied Bellasini.


“One more thing,” said the Wizard deep in thought. “The magic abilities of a crystal to transport people from Reality to Virtasia, will work for everyone who believes. No matter what their age, or where they live. It will even work for those who's time has expired in Reality. As did the magic of Virtasia work for your Gran.


“What do you mean?” asked Bellasini, scratching her head.


“Well let me explain it to you this way,” continued the Wizard, drawing in a deep breath. “As you already know, Virtasians lose all movement and become inanimate toys in Reality. That's because they live in a world where time doesn’t exist. When they venture into your world, where time does exist, they become inanimate, or frozen.


“Yes I know that,” giggled Bellasini. “Just ask Mr. Glitch.”


“When people in your world, fall asleep, or pass on, they too become inanimate, like Virtasians. That is because their inner-self, ventures to their dream world, where time doesn’t exist.”


“Once they enter their dream world, if they truly believe in the magic of their dreams and wishes, and have a magical heart, they can, if they wish, venture to Virtasia,” continued the Wizard.


“It may sound incredible to people living in Reality today. However, a long, long time ago, when almost everybody living in Reality believed in magic, everybody would visit their friends and family, living and departed, each night in their dreams at Virtasia. 


“Wow that sounds absolutely incredible!” squealed Bellasini. “I really want to make that start happening again.”


“But how would I be able to return a crystal to someone, who has already passed away?” posed, a rather baffled Bellasini.


“The crystal only needs to be near them. In a jar, or flower pot. Or you might even bury it in the ground near where they rest. The magic of each small crystal, is very, very strong,” proclaimed the Wizard.


“Princess, all people in Reality, sooner or later become inanimate. However, in Virtasia, there is no sooner, nor later. Just forever!"


Bellasini and the Wizard, talked for a little while longer about the magical crystal heart's ability to make their new owner's, selfless wishes, come true. The Wizard made it clear however, that only if the possessor of the crystal heart, truly believed in the wish they were making, did the crystal heart possess the magical powers needed, to make that wish come true. 

"Thank you ever so much for all your help and advice Wiz," ended Bellasini. "I am sure I will be back soon, with a lot more questions." 

“You are welcome Princess,” replied the Wizard. “ Now just tap your bracelets together, and you will be back at the palace in a flash,” laughed the Wizard.


“See you soon Wiz,” shouted Bellasini, tapping the bracelets together once more.

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