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“Well I see you have found your dress Princess,” began the Wizard, as the colorful smoke of Bellasini’s arrival, slowly drifted away. “Just as I thought. It fits you perfectly.”


“Thank you Wiz,” excitedly replied Bellasini, looking down at the millions of sparkling crystals of the dress. “But this is no ordinary dress,” continued Bellasini, slowly spinning in the middle of the Wizard’s room; showing off all the crystals that covered the entire dress.

“It is special. These small glittering crystals sewn into the dress, are apparently the hearts of millions of fairies and elves who weaved them into the fabric of the dress, just before they disappeared forever. And now it seems I must return them all to their rightful owners.”


“That’s where you come in Wiz,” continued Bellasini. “I thought you might be able to help me by looking through all your Lifelogs, and telling me which heart belongs to which person, so I can return them. One by one.”


“I wish it was that easy,” chuckled the Wizard sipping on his tea. “The magic of Virtasia and Reality disappeared, because the people of Reality stopped believing in the magic of their dreams and wishes. The only way the magic can be restored, is by the people believing in their dreams and wishes again. A crystal heart from your dress, given to a person who does not believe in its magical power, would be useless.”


“But Wiz, Gran read from the ‘Book of Prophesies,’ and it said I just had to return the crystals to their rightful owners,” sighed a confused Bellasini, scratching her head.


“First Princess, you must as the Book of Prophesies states, reawaken the magic of Virtasia in Reality, with your stories and tales,” continued the Wizard. “You must help people once again believe in the magic of their dreams and wishes, before you can return their enchanted crystal hearts to them.


“You mean I have to visit every person in Reality, and tell them magical tales which will help them to once again believe in the power of their dreams and wishes before I can return their enchanted heart to them?” gasped Bellasini, in a single breath. “That is going to take me forever!”


“No!” chuckled the Wizard once again. “Let me show you something.”


The Wizard stepped into his Library of Life, and removed a soft glowing blue Lifelog from one of the shelves. He slowly opened it, to reveal a small hologram of an elderly man, tirelessly typing on his computer. 


“I don’t understand?” sighed Bellasini. “What does this man have to do with me telling magical tales to millions of people?”


“The prophesy never says you have to tell the stories,” replied the Wizard. “Rather it says you will reawaken the magic of Virtasia, with your stories and tales.”


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