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The top of the colorful box-shaped stone, in the middle of the chamber, suddenly split, and began to slide apart: allowing an intense white light to escape through the widening gap. It was as though the stone had been covering a small star, hidden deep beneath the earth.


Bellasini shielded her eyes as the ball of brilliant light, slowly rose up out from the hollow beneath the stone.


However, it was not a star. It was a jewel encrusted white dress. Of such magnificence, it defied words.


The dress was covered with millions, upon millions, of small bright glowing, heart shaped crystals.


There was not a breath of wind in the room, yet the dress danced and fluttered gracefully above the crater; as if being worn by an invisible model.


“Isn’t it beautiful, Princess?” sighed the Queen.


“Oh, yes Gran! It must be the most beautiful dress, in the whole wide world.”


“It is the ‘Dress of Dreams,’ Princess. Legend tells us, the fabric and thread of this dress was spun and woven by the fairies of Virtasia, just before they all mysteriously disappeared. It is said, the last thing each and every fairy did before vanishing to places unknown, was to sew their magical little hearts, onto the outer layer of the dress,” explained the Queen, reaching out to tenderly stroke one of the small crystals.


“The heart shaped crystals that shine so brightly, giving life to the Dress of Dreams, are those hearts. The spirits of millions of beautiful fairies, are sown into this dress. It is believed that the Dress of Dreams, has so much magic woven into it, that whoever wears it, will gain the power to fulfill the dreams and wishes, of all worlds.”


“So have you worn it Gran?” asked Bellasini, moving toward the dress.


“No one has ever worn it, Princess,” replied the Queen, following Bellasini around the dress. “See for yourself. It has no zips or buttons, and cannot be slipped over your head. There seems no possible way to put the dress on.”


The Queen explained to Bellasini, the ancient book of Virtasia, tells us the fairies made the dress in such a fashion, so it would be impossible for anyone except their prophesied Princess to put it on.


Virtasians believe, after the Princess born of both worlds frees them from the darkness of an evil tyrant, she will come to this sacred resting place of magic, to claim her dress.


“So the dress has remained concealed here in this chamber, awaiting the arrival of the prophesied Princess,” ended the Queen.


“It is truly the dress of my dreams Gran. But I wonder how anybody could possibly put it on?” sighed Bellasini, slowly walking around the dress. Looking for any hint as to how she may possibly, slip into it.


“Maybe the fairies knew it would take magic, to make magic work?”


“What do you mean Princess?”

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