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“Don’t be silly Princess,” laughed the Queen. “Tell him who you are.”


Bellasini grabbed Gran’s hand, and timidly stepped back toward the door. “I am Princess Bellasini, granddaughter of the King and Queen of Virtasia, and I have come to see the dress I might wear, to the royal ball tonight.”


Suddenly, as if alive, the small flame burning at the entrance, leapt from its wick, and began to jump from one candle to the next; lighting the thousand or more candles, that lined the stone passageway.


The corridor was soon filled with the warm glow of a thousand flickering candles, which revealed a large stone staircase, winding its way down to an enormous dome shaped room.


As they moved slowly down the stairs, Bellasini was drawn to the strange colorful symbols, covering the walls and ceilings of the entire chamber. They were the same mysterious symbols, which were engraved on her belt, and armor.


In the center of the room, was a large elaborately decorated, box-shaped stone, standing about a meter off the floor. It looked remarkably like a crypt, or tomb, you might expect to see inside the ancient pyramids of Egypt. Only the colorful symbols here, were not those of ancient Pharaohs. They were made by fairies, pixies and elves.


As Bellasini moved deeper into the candle lit chamber, the crystal on her forehead, began to emit a warm blue light, which seemed to breathe life into the colorful symbols that surrounded her.


“Wow! Where are we Gran?” sighed Bellasini, moving toward the walls to study the symbols, brought to life by the crystal.


“No one is quite sure,” replied the Queen. “Some say this is magic’s final resting place. The place where it awaits, its new beginning.”


“What do you mean, it awaits its new beginning?” asked Bellasini, gently placing her hand over some of the animated symbols, dancing across the walls.


“The magic of Virtasia died a long, long time ago,” replied the Queen. “No one is sure how, or why it died. It just did. On these walls, forgotten by time, the whole story of magic is recorded. Its past, present and future.


Unfortunately, it is written in the ancient language of the fairies; ‘Cigam’. So only a true fairy could really understand the secrets, that lay hidden on these walls. And no one has seen a fairy in Virtasia, for as long as anyone can remember.


Bellasini listened intently to the Queen, as she continued to study the various symbols and shapes covering the walls.


“So Princess, can you understand what is written here?”


“I’m not quite sure,” sighed Bellasini. “Something about this place is strangely familiar, and if I place my hands over the writings, I can feel the hearts and voices of a million beautiful spirits. But I... I can’t understand what they are saying.”


“Maybe this will help,” responded the Queen, pulling down on one of the many candlestick holders.

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