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The Dress of Dreams

For the next few hours, the King, Queen, and Bellasini, all sat on the bed talking and laughing about times gone by.


There was so much to catch up on.


Gran told the King of her life in Reality, her house, her garden and their son. While the King, on the other hand, spoke of his wondrous adventures while searching for the Queen.


After a short time, it was as if Gran and the King, had never been apart.


However, Bellasini did not feel the same.


Even though she had only lost Gran, for a few short minutes, she had no intentions of letting go of her hand; for a second. She had lost her once, and did not intend to ever lose her again.


Suddenly, the King jumped to his feet. “My wish has come true. We are all together again. So to celebrate the return of my beloved Queen, and granddaughter, I shall host the most spectacular Royal Ball, Virtasia has ever seen. And! We will invite every Prince, and Princess, in the land."


Bellasini could not contain her excitement. It had always been one of her dreams to attend a ball, similar to the one, at which Cinderella had met her Prince.


“Oh no!” shrieked Bellasini. “I don’t have anything to wear.”


Gran just laughed. “Princess, in Virtasia you always have something to wear. Come along with me. I think I might have something very special for you to wear to the ball tonight.”


Gran was right. It would have been impossible for them not to have found something for Bellasini to wear.


The Royal Wardrobe was home to thousands of magnificent dresses and shoes, of every shape and color.


As they slowly walked through it, Gran was able to tell a fabulous tale, behind each and every fairy tale dress.


“Gran, there are so many beautiful dresses and shoes here. How can I possibly choose just one?” asked Bellasini.


“Follow me,” replied the Queen, taking Bellasini by the hand to a row of beautiful dresses hanging by themselves, in one corner of the wardrobe.


“Is one of these, my dress?” asked Bellasini.


The Queen just laughed, pushing aside the dresses.


“Your dress lay behind this door, Princess.”


“What door Gran?"


The Queen pulled down on one of the coat hooks, causing the back panel of the closet, to slowly creak open.


“Wow! A secret passage,” gasped Bellasini, cautiously moving closer to see what lay inside.


However, the dim light, from the one small candle burning at its entrance, ensured the room’s mysteries remained hidden, from all those, on the outside.


“Who goes there?” bellowed a deep voice from the darkness, causing Bellasini to jump back from the door.


“Oh my gosh. Who was that?” shrieked Bellasini.


“Gran, maybe it would be easier if we just selected a dress from out here,” she continued nervously.

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