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A ribbon of warm golden light, streamed from the bracelets and encircled Gran. Gently lifting her up off the bed, and encasing her in a cocoon of gold.


It was as if the beam knew that this was no ordinary traveller. This was the Queen! The Queen of Virtasia!


Once safely inside, the magnificent gold capsule of light, began its sad task of transporting the lifeless Queen, back to her King.


The cold grey walls and ceilings of the hospital, exploded into a million tiny stars. For a second, it appeared as though the capsule of gold was heading straight for heaven. But just as quickly as they had appeared, the stars began to fall from the sky, revealing Bellasini’s new surroundings.


She now found herself standing inside the Queens Royal Chambers, watching in silence, as the capsule of light delivered the Queen, to the most beautiful bed, Bellasini had ever seen.


It was an ornate, jewel encrusted, four posted bed, covered with plush, thick covers and pillows; made from fine white silk.


As Gran lay motionless within these majestic surrounds, Bellasini found comfort in the knowledge, that this would surely have been Gran’s choice, of a final resting place. Her little slice of heaven.


Within seconds of hearing of the Queen’s return, the King came running through the doors of the Queen’s chambers.


His eyes were greeted by the sight of a very sad and sullen Bellasini, standing over the motionless body of Gran.


“I am so sorry Grandpa,” wept Bellasini, “but her heart just gave up. She passed away while I was looking for you. I am so, so sorry Grandpa. I don’t know what else to say…. Maybe it was just her time.”


Bellasini was a little disappointed, she did not have time to dress Gran’s time ravaged body, in something more elegant, before the King’s arrival.


“My beautiful Queen,” whispered the King, with tears of joy filling his eyes. You are finally home…


Dry your eyes Princess,” comforted the King, gently sitting down on the bed next to Gran. “Didn’t I tell you at the lake that time does not exist here in Virtasia? And without time, there can be no beginning, nor an end. In Virtasia, you are forever the person you always were inside,” explained the King. “And this Princess, is, and will always be, my beloved Queen.”


The young King, gently leaned over and kissed the time ravaged lips, of Bellasini’s grandmother, which started the most incredible transformation.


Bellasini stood speechless, as Gran’s tired old body, was slowly being transformed, to that of a beautiful young, fairy tale Queen.


Her short grey wiry hair, slowly transformed into a fabulous long blonde, shiny head of hair. Her time ravaged skin, was also soon replaced with a peaches and cream complexion. Her hands, feet, and even her dress, soon became those of one of the prettiest women Bellasini had ever seen.


Even within her countless collection of magazines and movies, Bellasini had never seen anyone so beautiful.


Was it possible, that this stunning young Queen, now lying motionless on the bed, was Gran?


The King summoned one of the guards, who entered the room, carrying a small jewel encrusted crown, atop a red cushion.


As he placed the crown on the motionless body on the bed, the eyes of the young Queen slowly opened, revealing the sparkling, unmistakable emerald green eyes of Bellasini’s grandmother.


There was no longer any doubt. This beautiful young Queen, lying outstretched on the bed, was really her, very, very, beautiful grandmother.


A giant tear welled in Bellasini’s eye, as she rushed to the Queen’s arms.


“Oh Gran,” wept Bellasini, hugging her tightly, “I thought I had lost you forever.”


“Princess!” whispered the Queen, kissing her on the forehead. “You could never lose me. Thank you.... Thank you so much, for bringing me home”.

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