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Within the blink of an eye, she found herself standing next to a bed, inside a cold, grey hospital room, which smelt of disinfectant.


The only item of furniture in the room, was an old iron bed, which had a white sheet pulled up, over someone’s head.


Timidly, Bellasini moved closer, closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and pulled back the sheet.


Opening her eyes, Bellasini was comforted to see Gran peacefully at rest, on the bed.


“Gran, Gran,” quietly whispered Bellasini, with tears rolling down her reddened cheeks.


“Why, oh why, didn’t you wait for me? I have found grandpa, and he is all that you said he would be. A grand King, of a majestic fun filled land … And I have come back to take you home to him. Why, didn’t you wait?”


Bellasini gently lifted Gran’s lifeless hand, and tenderly placed it inside her own, as Gran had done so many times, with hers in the past.


“I think,” wept Bellasini, embracing her hand, “that if you had wished to go back to Virtasia, I could have used my magical powers, to take you home.”


Heartbroken, Bellasini fell to her knees on the cold cement floor, dislodging a small letter from the pocket of Gran’s dress. As the letter gently floated, to and fro toward the floor, Bellasini caught a glimpse of the single word address, written on the envelope. ‘Princess’


Wiping the tears from her eyes, she picked up the envelope, and pressed it to her heart.


After a few seconds, she gained the courage to open it.


Inside, was a neatly folded piece, of Gran’s personal writing paper.


‘Dear Princess,


As you know, I was lucky enough to have lived two lives..


One here in Reality with you and my son, and the other in Virtasia with my beloved King.


This surely must be more than any person could have ever hoped, or wished for. It was my dream come true.


Time has finally caught up with me in Reality Princess. My only regret, is I never got to see you and your grandfather together.


Oh how I wish I could have returned just once more to Virtasia, to see my beloved King and his beautiful granddaughter together.


Do not cry Princess, as I will always be with you.


Love Forever



Bellasini stared in silence at the letter for a few seconds, before screaming in absolute delight.


“Yes! You wished Gran! You wished… Now I am sure I can use my magical powers to take you home. I will not let this cold grey room, be your last resting place,” continued Bellasini, kissing Gran on the forehead.


“You are a Queen Gran. A Queen! And I am going to take you home to your kingdom, to rest.”


Bellasini moved as close as possible to Gran lying on the bed, before raising both hands above her head.


Looking towards the heavens, in an effort to summon all things magical, she cried out as she clashed the bracelets together.


“I Crown Princess Bellasini, first born granddaughter of the King and Queen of Virtasia, invite all things magical, to help me carry our Queen home, to her beloved King and people!”

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