As soon as she entered the main room, Bellasini sensed something was wrong.


The house was in darkness, and Gran’s rocking chair empty. Gran's glasses, were still on the table next to her chair; Gran never went anywhere, without her glasses.


“Gran! Are you still up stairs?” called Bellasini, running up the stairs to search the bedrooms.


However, there was no reply. The rooms were empty.


On her way back down the stairs, she heard a key in the front door. It must be Gran she thought. She’s forgotten her glasses, and is coming back for them.


But, it was not Gran returning. Instead, it was Bellasini’s mother, who slowly pushed open the door and walked in.


“Mum! What are you doing here?”


“Pumpkin, I didn’t realize you were home from school already.”


“The Principal gave the whole school the rest of the day off... But where’s Gran? She’s left her glasses on the table, and you know she can’t go anywhere without her glasses.”


“I think we should sit down, Pumpkin,” responded her mother, taking her daughter by the hand. “I am afraid I have some very bad news.”


“Is Gran ok?”


“I am afraid Gran is no longer with us Bellasini,” sighed her mother, holding back her tears. “Gran’s heart stopped beating this morning, and despite all efforts by the paramedics; she passed away. The doctors said her heart just gave up.”


“It can’t be!” cried Bellasini out loud, as tears began to roll down her cheeks. “It just can’t be!”


Bellasini’s mother tried to comfort her in her embrace. “I am afraid it is true sweetheart. But don’t worry. I am sure Gran has gone on to a better place. She will be happy there.”


“No she won’t!” cried out Bellasini, jumping to her feet. “Gran has gone to the wrong place!”


“What do you mean Pumpkin?”


“I have to see her mum. I just have to. Where is she?”


“I know you are upset sweetheart, but there is nothing you can do right now,” replied her mother, trying to calm her down.


“Please tell me where she is mum?” pleaded Bellasini.


Her mother explained, the medical team had taken Gran to the local hospital, but asked she wait until her father arrived home; so they could all go to the hospital together.


However, Bellasini knew she could make it to the hospital much quicker, using her magical powers. She told her mother she really needed some time to think, and asked if it was ok, if she walked to the hospital by herself.


Her mother reluctantly agreed. So after giving her mother one last hug, she ran out through the door to the forest, where she clashed the bracelets and shouted.


“Take me to Gran!”

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