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The Queen

Bellasini knew Gran would still be asleep, because even though she had been in Virtasia for many hours, she knew just a few seconds would have passed by in Reality.


So rather than take a chance of her arrival waking Gran, she directed the bracelets to deliver her just outside Gran’s front door. Once there, she ever so quietly opened Gran's big door, and tiptoed inside.


Bellasini was already very late for school, so she hurriedly stuffed the Glitch doll into her bag, grabbed her things, and headed back out the door.


She now had Glitch in her bag, so she was reluctant to use her powers to get to school quickly. Instead she ran all the way along the forest path, to school. Not stopping to talk, or play, with any of her forest friends along the way.

Just a few minutes later, she emerged from the path next to the school, where to her surprise, she was greeted by a crowd of more than 20 television cameras, and reporters; all waiting to interview Gemma. As she pushed her way through them, to get to the gate, the reporters converged on her.


“Miss! Miss! Do you know Gemma?” they shouted ..


Bellasini, still out of breath from her long run, just smiled and kept walking. She was however, very, very proud of her best friend.


The rest of the day at school was pretty exciting. The principal had to eventually call the local police, to help control the ever growing crowd of reporters, at the school gate.


When Gemma stepped outside the main school building for lunch, hundreds of cameras flashed, as a mass of reporters tried to push their way past the police barrier, to interview Gemma.


It got so crazy, the principal decided to let everyone go home early, after Ms. Crabtree’s retirement party had finished


Gemma had to be escorted by the police through the gate, where she stopped briefly to answer questions, before being whisked away in a police car, to one of her many television appearances.


Her dream of one day becoming a movie star, was certainly coming true. This week it was going to be her, all the fans of social media, were going to be reading about.


As soon as Bellasini had finished saying her excited goodbyes to Gemma, she ran home to Gran’s, as fast as her legs would carry her. She had much to plan and organize, if she was ever going to be able to keep her promise, to Grandpa; the King.


She really had no idea, how she could transport Gran back to Virtasia. But she was not going to let that stop her trying.


Pushing open Gran's front door, she immediately called out excitedly, “Gran! Gran! I’m back, and guess what? I have found Grandpa, the King.”

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