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“My son!” responded the King, turning to face the screen.


With his head buried in his hands, her father looked a beaten man.


Bellasini explained to the King, that her father had only just fixed the Glitch’s viruses, when the computers started to break down again.


The King’s heart slumped, listening to Bellasini’s explanation, of his son’s plight.


By the time she had finished, the King looked almost as dejected, as her father.


Suddenly, the King sprang to attention, and reached for his sword.


“Zac! Book! Come kneel before me,” ordered the King.


As he drew out his sword, both Zac and Book cringed in fear, sure the King was about to unleash his anger, upon them.


Zac gulped, fearing he was about to lose his head, while Book moved his bobble as close as possible to his pages, hoping the King would not attempt, to slice through his now shortened neck.


With his sword raised high above his head, he loudly proclaimed, “As King of Virtasia, I hereby knight you, Sir Zac, Protector of Technology, and Sir Book, Guardian of Knowledge.”


Touching Book on either page, and Zac on each small shoulder with his sword, he continued. “Arise Sir Zac, and Sir Book, and accept your first challenge as Knights of Virtasia… Your first chivalrous deed, will be to restore the balance of technology, between the worlds of Reality, and Virtasia.”


Zac and Book quickly turned and looked at each other, somewhat bewildered by the turn of events.


They had suddenly become Knights of Virtasia.


Zac proudly climbed up into the high tech throne, vacated by the King, as Book maneuvered himself to give advice.


There were a few disagreements, and mishaps initially between Zac and Book, but after a minute or two, the technology began to restart itself.


The King’s eyes darted between Zac, Book and his son, who was still slumped in front of his computer.


As the static lines across the screen slowly began to disappear, Bellasini’s father lifted his head, to watch the seemingly miraculous restoration, of his computer.


Pushing a few more buttons, Zac enlarged the screen, until it totally engulfed the glass dome of the Command Center, as it had the previous day, for Glitch.


Once again, they found themselves floating above the high tech components, deep inside the bank’s computer. This time it was Zac and Book, who guided them gently down towards the high tech glass building, which they had visited with Glitch the day before.


However, now the structure appeared dormant.


It now had very few pulses of red or yellow light entering or leaving it, through the transparent wires, that joined it to the other components. The thousands of high tech neon robots, now stood dark, and motionless inside.


Zac furiously typed in a few commands, via the transparent keyboard of the chair.


Within seconds, the high tech neon robots once again lit up, resuming their work, behind the strange see-through machines.


Zac loved making the robots obey his every command, and had a lot of fun with them, before getting down to the serious problems at hand.


As Zac typed in a few more commands, being displayed by Book in front of him, the machines being operated by the purple neon robots began sucking up all the money Glitch had stored in the basement the day before. As the money entered the machines, it was being converted back into to red and yellow pulses of light, which quickly darted out of the machines, through the same transparent tubes, they had entered in, the day before.


The virus had been beaten.  And the money was now heading home, to the banks of Reality.


The King hugged Bellasini, as they stared out through the screen, at their very happy, and excited father, and son.


After a short while, the King turned to Bellasini and whispered, “Princess! The sight of my son, only fills my heart with even more sadness, for my beloved Queen. My wish now, is for you to return to your world, and bring back your grandmother, my beloved Queen, home to Virtasia.”


“Oh Grandpa,” replied Bellasini, with tears of both sadness, and joy, filling her eyes. “I will do everything in my power, to reunite you and Gran.”


Bellasini gave the King one last hug, before slowly walking over to Zac and Book, who were still furiously operating the controls of the chair.


“I need you guys to do me a big favor while I am gone,” requested Bellasini, putting her arms around them both. “I need you to try and find, and restore all the final computer assignments of my class mates, that Glitch attempted to destroyed yesterday… Do you think my two gallant little knights, can do that for their Princess?”


After making her request, Bellasini waving goodbye, clashed the bracelets together and called aloud.“Reality!”

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