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Bellasini and Zac led the King through the Palace, to the huge doors that concealed the entrance to Techtasia, and Glitch’s, Windows to Worlds.


The guards pulled open the doors, and assisted the King, Bellasini, Zac and Book, into the glass bubbles, which were waiting to transport them to Glitch’s control center.


When they all finally arrived at the glass dome, the King just stood and stared in silence.

He was totally unprepared for what he could now see out through the glass dome, in every direction. Millions, upon millions, of Glitch’s technological windows, into Reality. Only now, all the screens that filled the tunnels and corridors, were displaying, intermittent static across them.


“Your Majesty, this is the command seat,” pointed out Bellasini, assisting the King to be seated in Glitch’s glass throne. “From here you can reign over the world of technology.”


However it was not that simple. The King had no idea, what this strange new world was all about.


Bellasini and Zac, spent some time instructing the King, on how to use the controls on the throne, before eventually deciding, he was ready to start repairing, the faulty screens.


However, every time the King took over of the controls, things went horribly wrong.


At one stage, after pushing a sequence of buttons, the chair started to violently spin, before shooting high up into the air.


Another time, the chair just fell to the ground, and switched itself off.


Finally, the King managed to bring a single screen, of a young student who had lost her homework into the control room. Book, using diagrams on his pages, carefully pointed out to the King, the procedure he would need to follow, if he was to repair the situation.


However, somehow the King managed to push all the wrong buttons, causing the girl’s homework to be lost forever.


The King soon became very frustrated with the whole situation.


Leaping from the chair, he shouted, “I cannot do this. Reality will just have to work out its own problems, or get rid of this crazy technology forever.”


“That is not possible Your Majesty,” replied Bellasini. “Reality needs this technology. As well as fun and games, it delivers health, education and lots of other services, which are essential, for the well being of every person, living in Reality. You can’t give up Sire."


Acting as though he had not heard a single word of what Bellasini had just said, the King remained silent, with his back turned toward the trio.


Bellasini moved to one side of the glass throne, and began to type in a few commands.


Before too long, a single screen drifted in from one of the corridors, and positioned itself on the glass dome in front of them.


“Oh my gosh,” came a voice from behind the screen. “Is there no one who can help me?”


“Your Majesty! Grandpa! I would like you to meet my father. Your son,” said Bellasini, as the screen slowly began to expand across the glass dome.

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