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The Crab

As Bellasini emerged from the other side of the rain-forest, near the school gate, she could see her best friend Gemma, waiting patiently.

Gemma, or the Star as she is fondly referred to by her friends, is the movie queen of the school. If anyone needs to know anything, about any Hollywood actor or actress, they just ask Gemma.


She is a member of just about every fan page, of every actor and actress, who is on social media.

“Happy Birthday Sini!" shrieked Gemma, catching sight of Bellasini emerging from the forest.

“Thanks Gemma,” replied Bellasini glumly.

“What’s the matter girl? It’s your birthday! You’re supposed to be happy!”

“I’m sorry, but you know the little boy I meet in the forest each morning, who has cancer. Well, it seems that it is getting worse, and now he will have to stay in the hospital for a while. It doesn’t sound good Gemma.”

“Sini!” sighed Gemma. “How I wish there was something I could do to help. You know I would give anything to help Clint. But some things are just beyond either one of us to change.”

“I guess you are right,” replied Bellasini picking up her bag. “But I so wish I could change this one thing.”

“Ok!” shrieked Gemma, sensing it was time to change the mood of the conversation. “Let’s get with it girl.”

“Oh! I nearly forgot," replied Bellasini, glancing down at her watch, “I have to call my dad. But my phone is not working. Can I borrow yours Gemma?”

“I’m sorry Sini, it’s not only your phone. The mobile phone and wireless networks of the entire town, aren't working. Nobody’s phone is working.”

"I tell you something very strange is going on today Gemma," responded Bellasini, as she began to describe in great detail, the events of the morning at her house.

At the end of her story they both screamed with delight, deciding the events of this morning, could easily be made into a movie called, ‘Attack of the Crazed Electrical Appliances.’

As both girls started walking to class, Bellasini's mind was racing. Trying to work out a way, she could possibly call her dad.

“I got it!” squealed Bellasini.

"Got what?" responded Gemma

“The library! It has got an old direct wire connection to the internet.”

“You’re joking,” responded Gemma, in disbelief. “Nobody ever goes to the library to use the internet. Besides, the computer in the library must be a hundred years old. It probably doesn't even work anymore.” 

“I have to try,” responded Bellasini. "Dad got called into work last night, so knows nothing about all the electrical problems at home."

After a little more discussion, it was decided Gemma would rush ahead to the first class, and cover for Bellasini, while she dashed to the library, where she would try to crank up the old computer.

"Well if there is one person who might be able to get that ancient old computer working, I guess it’s you Sini," proudly pronounced Gemma. "Let's do it girl!"

After a quick run through the corridors, Bellasini arrived at the library.  Only to be greeted by Ms. Crabtree, the librarian, standing at the door.

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