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With a tap of the bracelets, Bellasini, the King, and his magnificent white stallion, all found themselves standing in the chaotic streets, of Virtasia.


The very sight and sounds of the King’s home coming, soon restored hope, peace, and order, to the Virtasian people.


The guards threw off their black uniforms, worn during the dark years of Glitch’s rule, and replaced them with the shiny white armor, of their beloved King.


In just a few short hours, the King had restored order to the chaos.


The people, now free, from the tyrannical rule of Glitch, began to celebrate in the streets of Virtasia.


Their beloved King, had returned at last, escorted by the enchanted Princess, as foretold by the Prophecy of Virtasia.


There was much to celebrate.


As the King wound his way through the streets of Virtasia, toward the Palace, he was greeted at every corner, by a huge crowd of flag waving Virtasians; hoping to catch a glimpse, of their returning King, and beautiful prophesied Princess.


As he rode through the enormous gates of the Palace, the King was overwhelmed by the sights and sounds of a huge carnival, being staged in his honor.


It was the first time, Bellasini had seen the magnificent Palace from the outside. The enormous building looked like a glorious French chateau, with its white marble walls, and elegant statues, surrounded by amazing water gardens, and spectacular fountains.


A red carpet, lined with trumpet blowing guards, had been laid out down the marble steps, to herald the King’s triumphant return.


At the top of the steps, Zac and Book, were eagerly awaiting, to greet their King and Princess.


Bellasini leapt from the King’s horse, and rushed up the stairs to be with them.


“Zac! Book! You’re both ok?”


“Yes Princess,” replied Zac, embracing Bellasini. “Are we ever glad to see you! When you didn’t return after tricking Glitch, we thought something must have happened to you.”


“No! I’m ok,” laughed Bellasini, giving them both a kiss. “I just went to find the King.”


“Zac, it is so good to see you again,” echoed a voice from behind them all.


They had been so busy greeting each other, they had not noticed the King making his way up the Palace stairs, to join them.


Zac and Book, immediately bowed their head and bobble respectively, the moment they realized, it was the King..


“Thank you Sire,” replied Zac. “But I can assure you, it is much better to see you back at the palace. You have no idea of all the terrible things Ambassador Glitch did, in your absence.”


Bellasini and Book watched on, as Zac in a very animated fashion, began to tell the King, of all the terrible things, Glitch had done.


“He is even creating havoc in other worlds sire, with his technological windows,” concluded Zac.


“I’m sorry Zac, but I have no idea what you are talking about. Computers, viruses, software, hard drives, what language is this?”


Bellasini and Zac turned and looked at each other, suddenly realizing, when the King set out on his quest to find the Queen, the only things that existed in Virtasia, were books. There were no computers.


“Follow us Sire,” they both excitedly shouted in unison.

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