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After a while, Bellasini switched the conversation to the problem at hand, describing in great detail, the events of her birthday.


She went on to tell him, how Glitch had tricked the Queen, and even tried to stop her from finding him.


Finally, they had a good laugh, as Bellasini described how, with the help of Zac and Book, she had tricked Glitch into travelling to Reality, where he was now a stuffed toy.


“You must come back and reclaim your throne Grandpa,” pleaded Bellasini. “Without a ruler in Virtasia, the computer world of Reality, is falling into chaos.”


At first, the King refused to give up his quest to find the Queen, even though Bellasini explained, the Queen was trapped in Reality. He was adamant, that he should continue his search for the gateway, he believed still existed, between the two worlds.


Eventually, Bellasini decided to tell the King of her newly acquired powers, and how the bracelets Book had given her, allowed her to travel between the two worlds, of Virtasia and Reality.


“Princess Bellasini,” uttered the King. “You are as the Prophecies of Virtasia predicted, truly a Princess born of both worlds.”


“You know of the Prophecies of Virtasia, Grandpa?” asked Bellasini.


“Of course I know, Princess. Everybody in Virtasia knows of the Prophecies. The Queen made every child in the land read the fantastic stories of the enchanted Princess, who would one day return, to restore the magic of Virtasia.”


“So how does the story end?” asked Bellasini. “If you tell me what I am supposed to do, it will make it a lot easier.”


The King laughed, and gave Bellasini another hug.


“It never ends Princess. Unlike your world, where all things change in the course of time, and eventually come to an end, here in Virtasia, time never changes. Hence, there is never a beginning, nor an end.


“I really don’t understand what you mean,” replied Bellasini, shaking her head.


The King picked up, and threw a small pebble across the top of the lake.


Bellasini watched in amazement, as the stone just kept skipping gracefully across the top of the water, eventually disappearing out of sight.


“Have you ever read a story, and found yourself there, and wondered where, ‘there,’ exactly was?” asked the King. “Well, here is there,” he explained. Opening his arms to draw attention to their magnificent surroundings. “You don’t need to know your destiny, to fulfill it,” he continued, placing Bellasini’s hand inside his own. “Every story ever told, is made up using the same letters and words. The way in which the storyteller chooses to arrange the letters and words, decides the tale. This is your story Princess, so you must decide what words come next,” concluded the King, dragging his finger across Bellasini’s opened palm.


As his finger crossed her hand, numerous faint glowing life-lines, which were previously not visible, began to dance across her palm; like fire hoses, that had broken free from their operators.


“If I can write my own story, you will remain in every chapter of my life, from this day forth,” replied Bellasini.


“However, my story will never be complete, until you and Gran are together again. She may have been living with us in Reality all these years, but her heart has always been here in Virtasia, with you. However, without your help, I will never be able to make her whole again.”


The King was overcome by Bellasini’s heartfelt words. “What do you need me to do?”


Bellasini promised, if he restored order to Virtasia, she would return to Reality, and bring Gran home to him, through the porthole, her bracelets created.


She was not sure if it was possible, but if promising to do so, was the only way she could convince the King to return to his throne, then she had to do it.


“You can do that?” asked the King. “You can bring my Queen home?”


“Yes!” confidently, replied Bellasini.


“Then I shall return to the Palace immediately,” said the King. “And restore order, among my people.”

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