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The King

Arriving in an envelope of light, Bellasini found herself overlooking a picture perfect lake, of such color and beauty, it gave her the impression, she had arrived in the middle of someone else’s dream.


In the distance, a magnificent white stallion, drinking at lake’s edge, was being brushed, by a handsome young man, dressed in elegant robes.


Although much younger than expected, this surely had to be the King, Bellasini thought to herself.


Moving slowly toward him, Bellasini gave out a little cough. “Your Majesty.”


Acting as if he had not heard, the young man continued to groom his horse.


“Grandpa, is that you?” called out Bellasini, a little louder.


As the King slowly looked up, he was momentarily blinded, by the morning sunlight, flickering through the dancing hair, of what appeared to be and angel, standing in front of him.


Raising his hand to shade his eyes, he caught sight of the sparkling crystal, which adorned Bellasini’s forehead.


A smile beamed from the King’s face, as he rose to his feet, and asked. “Who stands in front of me, wearing the Royal Tiara of Virtasia?”


Still partially blinded, and unable to clearly see Bellasini’s face, the King continued. “Is it you? Has my long lost Queen returned?”


Tears filled Bellasini’s eyes, as the depth of her grandfather’s feelings for her grandmother, became apparent.


A love so deep and precious, he had traveled to the ends of the world, to try find again.


Knowing she would have to tell him, she was not his long lost Queen, caused her heart to sink.


“I am deeply sorry Sire,” replied Bellasini tearfully. “I am not the Queen. I am Bellasini, your granddaughter. The Queen, is my grandmother.”


There was a deathly silence, for what seemed an eternity.


“You’re my granddaughter, Princess Bellasini?” repeated the King, trembling with affection.


"Oh Grandpa, I have missed you so, so, much,” sobbed Bellasini, throwing her arms around the King.


“I have been searching for you all, for such a long time,” responded the King. Kissing his granddaughter on the forehead, he continued, “I thought I had lost my family forever.”


The King led Bellasini to a patch of grass, by the edge of the lake, where they sat and shared stories of their lives, for the next few hours.


The stories he told, were exactly the same as Gran had been telling her, for as long as she could remember.


However, the King still looked as if he was about 25 years old, whereas Gran, was nearing the end of her life.

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