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“But I have beaten Glitch,” proudly proclaimed Bellasini. “It’s over! We have won.”


“I am afraid it is not over yet Princess. Virtasia has no ruler now, and this could create a worse state of affairs, than when Glitch was ruling it. You must go back, and find your grandfather, the King, and convince him to give up his quest, and return to the Palace. Only he has the power, to regain control, and right the wrongs of Glitch.”


“But what if he won’t listen to me?” asked Bellasini.


“You wear the tiara, the King gave me. He will listen to you Princess.”


Gran gestured in the direction of Bellasini’s laptop, which was hanging over her arm.


“Turn on your computer, Princess.”


Bellasini opened her laptop, and booted it up.


Once loaded, the screen began to flicker, and display intermittent static lines across it.


“Hmm!” said Bellasini, tapping the screen repeatedly. “It must have got damaged, when I dropped it yesterday.”


“No Princess, it’s not your computer. It’s Virtasia!” responded Gran, stopping Bellasini’s hand from banging the screen. “Chaos is beginning. Computers, and machines across the world, will start to malfunction. Order must be restored to Virtasia, if it is to be regained in Reality. You must go back, and find the King.”


She was reluctant to leave Gran, however it was agreed, Gran would go to bed and rest, on condition that Bellasini returned to Virtasia, and find the King.


Bellasini was very concerned at the way Gran looked, as she helped her to bed, and wanted to call her mother, but Gran would not allow it.


Eventually, Bellasini reluctantly clashed the bracelets together, and with the words, ‘Virtasia and the King’ disappeared from Gran’s room.

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