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“He was over there by those computers. However, I must say, this is the strangest looking doll, I have ever seen,” responded the shop assistant. Looking more than a little bemusement by this doll, that had toy money bulging from its pockets. “What poor nephew, is getting this for Christmas…? Did you buy it from here?”


“Glitch!” shrieked Bellasini. “Is this season’s hottest toy!”


“Glitchhh! You mean like a computer glitch,” inquired the bemused shop assistant, still staring in disbelief at the doll. “Is this season’s hottest toy! What is the world coming to?”


“Exactly! shouted Bellasini, grabbing the Glitch doll from the assistant’s hand. “This doll, is the evil villain, of the cartoon series called Virtasia. His friends, are cunning viruses named Melissa, and Worm, and they have to be kept away from computers, at all costs… Or else siccc,” continued Bellasini, drawing a finger across her throat, to indicate termination.


The shop assistant, at first taken back by Bellasini’s new found confidence, eventually burst into a controlled laugh. “Well you’d better get him out of here then.”


“Oh yes, I intend to,” replied Bellasini, heading toward the door, with the toys under her arm. “And I have just the person to give him to, who will ensure, he never gets this close to another computer, for the rest of time.”


As Bellasini hurried out, past all the computers on display, carrying Glitch and his soldiers, they began to crash one by one, until not a single computer, was left working in the shop.


“Sorry!” shouted Bellasini, in the direction of the shop assistant. “It would appear all your computers, have developed a slight glitch.”


Fearing Glitch may escape, if she transported him using her bracelets, she decided to catch the bus home.

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