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A Trip to Reality

 “Aren’t you a little bit old to be playing with dolls, at the shopping center,” bellowed a man’s voice.


Bellasini quickly spun around, to check out her surroundings.


She had been transported to the local Wal-Mart’s computer section, and one of the male shop assistants, was standing right behind her.


At first, she worried he must have seen her method of arrival, but it soon became obvious, he had not.


Turning her attention to the floor, she spotted eight toy soldiers, and one gold bracelet.


But where was Glitch?


“Oh these aren’t my dolls,” explained Bellasini, replacing the gold bracelet onto her wrist.


“So whose dolls are they?” asked the shop assistant.


“Well you see, ummm, these are Christmas presents, which I have just purchased for all my nephews and nieces,” stammered Bellasini: picking them up, one by one, from the floor, while searching the room for Glitch.


“So aren’t we the well-organized one,” laughed the shop assistant. “What! Here it is January, and you are already buying Christmas presents.”


“Well, well you see,” stuttered Bellasini, who was beginning to think the worst about where Glitch might be. “January, is a great time to shop at Wal-Mart, for your Christmas presents. The best sales are on now.”


“Hmm! I suppose your right,” thought the shop assistant out loud.


Bellasini’s was not really all that concerned, with what the shop assistant thought, of her strange shopping habits. She was more concerned, as to the whereabouts of Glitch.


Her heart began to slump, as she continued her search around the computer stands, for any sign of him.


Maybe he did not turn into a doll, like the guards, and ran off. Or maybe, he was not transported with the rest?


Had Bellasini tried to bring too many through the vortex, at the one time.


Her mind raced, contemplating all the horrible things, Glitch might do, once he realized what had happened to the others.


A dejected Bellasini, slumped to the floor.


Her plan had failed.


“Lost something?” inquired the shop assistant.


Bellasini glanced up, to see the shop assistant bring a doll resembling Glitch, from behind his back.


“Oh thank you.

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