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Glitch began to dance around the room, with Melissa and Worm shouting, “We won! We won! “Well Princess,” said Glitch, with a wry smile on his face. “I guess you learnt, not to mess with the Glitch?”


“I am sorry, for tarnishing the reputation of Princesses,” wept a teary eyed Bellasini. “Shall we go now?”


“Yes, I wish to get going right now,” shrieked Glitch. “And I want to take my soldiers for security. Oh! and by the way, I need you to take me straight to Wal-Mart.”


“Ah ha! You wish to come with me, that makes it a lot easier. But why do you want to go to Wal-Mart?” asked Bellasini.


“Well you see, I have been watching their web site, and they are having a monster sale today,” replied an excited Glitch. “But it is for one day only, so I have to get there before five.”


“This really puts new meaning, to the reach of online shopping,” laughed Bellasini, grabbing Glitch’s hand, and clashing the two bracelets together shouting.“To Wal-Mart, and Reality!”

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