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“Wait! Wait a minute!” interrupted Glitch. “We had a deal Princess. I promised to stop my computer attacks on your father’s bank, in return for your abdication from the throne.”


“Hmm, but I think I might like it here after all, Glitchie,” replied Bellasini confidently. “Could you show me more of my Palace?”


“No! It’s not your Palace! Its mine!” shouted Glitch. “You are a Princess. You cannot go back on your promise.”


“Everyone breaks a promise, now and again,” casually replied Bellasini. “You’ll get over it.”


“No! Not a Princess!” responded Glitch loudly. “It goes against all that Virtasia stands for.”


Bellasini immediately stopped dancing, and sheepishly turned to Zac. “Is that true Zac?”


“I’m not sure Princess,” answered Zac, scratching his head. “Book will know.”


“No, let’s not worry Book”, responded Bellasini, resuming her dance. “Maybe later!”


“No!” shouted Glitch once more. “I insist you call Book. The whole future of Virtasia, rests on this decision."


Bellasini stopped, and stared at Glitch for a second.


“Ok then…. Book!” shouted Bellasini, halfheartedly towards the heavens.


Book immediately appeared open in front of them, desperately trying to listen to each side of the story.


Book’s bobble, was madly swinging from one side to the other, as both tried to speak at once.


“I want to stay in Virtasia, and become Queen,” pleaded Bellasini.


“A Princess must keep her promises,” interjected Glitch.


It did not take long, for Book to catch onto Bellasini’s game, and he was soon playing along.


In a small puff of smoke, a tiny judge’s wig appeared on top his bobble, and a judge’s hammer, materialized on his pages.


Book, now assumed the role of courtroom judge, asking each in turn, to present their case.


Glitch presented a very good case.


He argued, that if a Princess was allowed to break her promise, it would spell the end, for all Princesses in Virtasia.


Bellasini however, valiantly argued, that she was young, and did not realize, what she was saying, when she made such a promise.


Each pleaded their case strongly, before Book finally called an end to proceedings, and retired to adjudicate on the matter.


They all paced impatiently, waiting for Book to return, with his verdict.


After a few minutes, Book reappeared, still wearing his wig, and banging his hammer on his open pages, as he called the room to order.


Glitch and Bellasini, stood silently alongside each other, eagerly awaiting his decision.


Book, summoned Zac to read from his pages. The findings of the court.


His ruling, was apparently based on the previous cases of, The Princess vs The Frog, and The Princess vs The Pauper.


Book concluded, enough precedents had been set, such that he had no other choice, but to rule in favor of, Mr. Glitch.


A Princess, cannot break her promise.


Book ordered, Princess Bellasini of Virtasia, to take Glitch to Reality, immediately, as she had promised.

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