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Bellasini was angry at herself, for allowing Glitch to gain the upper hand, with such a stupid act of faith.


However, Glitch was only half right.


It was true that without both bracelets, she could no longer rely on her magic, but she was not powerless.


She quickly glanced around the room, to find herself surrounded by eight burly guards, who could easily ensure, she was going nowhere, without the use of the bracelets.


“So I presume, you have changed your mind about going to Reality, to spend your new found millions?” asked Bellasini, calmly walking towards Glitch.


“I have not decided what I want to do,” replied Glitch. Who had expected Bellasini to act rather differently, considering the situation, she now found herself in.


“Oh well, that’s just fine by me,” replied Bellasini, casually looking around the Palace.


“Let me see now,” she continued scratching her chin. “Yesterday, I was fifteen. Hmm! I guess seeing as I am going to stay, I should really start organizing my coronation… Isn’t this exciting Zac?” she continued, moving across to sit in Glitch’s colorful glass throne. “I will be the new Queen of Virtasia. Queen Bellasini… It’s got a nice ring to it, don’t you think Zac.”


Zac was initially totally dumb-founded, by Bellasini’s sudden change of heart.


However, he soon caught on to her game, when a small wink came his way.


“So you’re really going to stay Princess? That’s fantastic news. I was hoping you would change your mind,” shrieked Zac, jumping for joy. “There will be coaches to organize, dresses to be made, and invitations to be sent. Wow! So much to do, in so little time.”


“Zac! I mean, come on, I would be crazy not to stay. This is every girl’s dream…. to be carried off in a horse drawn carriage, by a handsome young Prince, to a palace where we would both live, happily ever after.”


Bellasini jumped up out of the glass throne, and began to dance around the Palace, as if it were already her home. “Just like Cinderella!”she ended, throw her hands up in sheer delight.


“And don’t forget Princess, when you are Queen, all these guards will be yours to control… And this money, yours to spend,” added Zac, throwing some of the money Glitch had in his pockets, up into the air.


“Oh my gosh!” shouted Bellasini, in sheer disbelief. “So, if I stay, and are crowned Queen of Virtasia, all these guards would be mine? The palace would be mine? The money would be mine? Wow! How exciting is that…"


"Are there many handsome, young Princes, in Virtasia, Zac?”

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