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Fix the Glitch

 “Where have you been?” shouted Glitch, as Bellasini and Zac, materialized back in his vault.


“I was beginning to worry about you.”


Bellasini turned, to find Glitch standing with his pockets, overflowing with hundred dollar bills. She shook her head in disgust, and laughed, as Glitch turned to view his own refection, in one of the panels of glass.


“Well, I thought I might need a little spending money,” stuttered Glitch, sheepishly. “It pays to be prepared.”


“I guess so Glitchie,” shrugged Bellasini. “Let’s get this over and done with,” she continued, trying not to give Glitch any time to think. “So, have you got the abdication paper?”


“Yes, yes, but I need my bangle first,” snapped Glitch, grabbing for Bellasini’s wrist.


After quickly giving Glitch one bracelet, she grabbed his hand, to complete the magic circle.


“Now all we need do, is raise each of our bracelets into the air, and touch them together, while calling out, Reality… So let’s do it!”


“Wait!” shouted Glitch, taking down his arm. “Princess! You thought me a fool, didn’t you? I know your silly game. You want me to go to your world, where I will be vulnerable. There you and your friends, will overpower me.”


“Glitch, that’s crazy,” replied Bellasini. “I want you to be happy in Reality, so you will leave us all alone.”


“Guards! Surround them!” ordered Glitch.


Bellasini began to worry, that Glitch may have out smarted her?


Had he seen through her scheme?


Had she misjudged, Glitch’s greed, and need for power?


Was the Wizard wrong?


More importantly, had she failed her friends, and family, in Reality?


Glitch now had the upper hand, as without both bracelets, she no longer possessed the ability, to use her magic, to save the day.


Things did not look good.


“What’s your problem, Glitch?’’ piped up Bellasini, throwing her arms into the air in disbelief, at his sudden change of heart.


“I have got one of your bracelets now Princess,” responded Glitch, waving it in the air. “You are powerless without both, so I have you just where I want you.”

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