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“Sini it’s me!” screamed Gemma down the phone. “You will never guess what happened. Radio 3WZ, morning drive time radio, rang me this morning, and said that if I could answer 10 questions correctly, I would win a million dollars!”


“They said what?” interrupted Bellasini.


“Ten questions to be a millionaire! And guess what?” squealed Gemma.


“What?” shrieked Bellasini, back down the phone. “Tell me! Tell me!”


“It was a miracle,” screamed Gemma. “When the radio jock asked his first question, about some absolutely crazy mathematical problem, I really didn’t have a clue what he was talking about. I had no idea what the answer was. But by sheer chance, my mum must have left an old encyclopedia, on the end of my bed last night. When I flicked open the pages of the book, the answer was staring me right in the face,” squealed Gemma. “And when he asked the second question, about some weird physics problem, I turned the pages again, and guess what. The answer was there. It happened every time. I don’t know how, but I got every question right,” screamed Gemma. “I won! I won! I won a million dollars, and I am sure it must be your magic, Sini.”


“This book you found on the end of your bed, wasn’t gold, with a large tassel by any chance. Was it? ” interjected Bellasini.


“How did you know that?” squealed Gemma. ”More of your magic?”


“Is the book still there?” continued Bellasini.


“No Sini, that’s the other strange thing. I can’t find it anywhere. It’s seems to have totally disappeared.”


“Book!” shouted Bellasini. “How could you do this to me? It just can’t be. I was specifically told, I could only grant selfless wishes. Not wishes of money, and riches, for people that asked for themselves. I thought I was given this power, to struggle against greedy people like Glitch. Not to create more greed. I don’t believe this. Now I am going to have everybody asking me for more, and more!” she cried out in disbelief, dropping to the bed. “What have I done?”


“Oh Sini, stop being crazy,” laughed Gemma. “You know me better than that. I never wanted the money for myself. Remember yesterday, when you came to school depressed after meeting your little friend Clint, who has cancer. And remember how I said, I wished I could help.”


“Yes,” dejectedly, responded Bellasini. “I remember.”


“Well I did some investigations on the internet,” continued Gemma. “To cut a long story short, I found out that the Cancer Foundation, is desperately trying to raise one million dollars, to help kids like Clint, who have cancer. So you see, when I wished I had a million dollars, it wasn’t for me. It was so I could help the Cancer Foundation, help your friend Clint.”


“Wow! That is so nice,” cheerfully responded Bellasini. “Gemma, I am so sorry I doubted you.”


“Hey, but listen Sini! That’s not the best part,” continued Gemma. “When I won the million dollars, the radio jock, hmm, Tom, or someone like that, asked me what I was going to do with all the money. When I told him, I wanted to donate it to the Cancer Foundation, he couldn’t believe it. He thought I was joking, or something. But he finally rang the Foundation, and donated it to them, on the spot.”


“That’s so cool,” replied Bellasini.


“But that’s still not the best part!” squealed Gemma again.


“There’s more! Tell me?” shrieked Bellasini.


“Since I have donated the money, I have been invited to appear, on every TV show in the land,” squealed Gemma. “I’m a movie star!”


“Wow! That’s so great Gemma! My best friend is a movie star.”


The two girls laughed, and talked for a short while, about all the exciting shows she was going to appear on.


There were even cameras on the lawn outside her house, waiting to film her. Gemma’s wishes, had certainly come true.


Finally, Gemma asked, “So how are you going with the Glitch?”


“Oh, I have got a plan,” replied Bellasini. “And so far so good.”


“I will keep my fingers crossed for you Sini, but I have to go now,” responded Gemma. “There are all these reporters at the front door, who want to interview me. Oh, it’s so exciting Sini. I’m a star Sini! A star!”


“Ok star girl,” giggled Bellasini. “I will see you at school.”


“Don’t forget it is Ms. Crabtree’s last day, so bring a suitable gift,” shouted Gemma.


After hanging up the phone, Bellasini summoned Book, who appeared with his usual puff of smoke. Unsure, why he had been summoned.


“Book, you weren’t at Gemma’s house this morning? Were you?” asked Bellasini.


Book’s tassel, cringed back into his covers.


He nodded ever so slightly, unsure of his fate.


“Oh, I love you, you crazy Book!” giggled Bellasini, kissing him on top of his tassel. “This is from me, and Clint.”


Book was feeling very happy with himself, as Bellasini clashed the bracelets together.


“Take me to Glitchie!”

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