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After clashing the bracelets, and arriving back in her room, she quickly picked up Zac, who had of course been transformed into a toy, removed his cap and coat, and hid him behind some books.


Then she signaled to bluebird, who had been waiting patiently for her arrival, to quickly slip on Zac’s cap, and jacket.


After making sure the bracelets, were reflecting the bright morning sunlight into the screen, Bellasini turned on her computer.


“Are you there Glitchie?”


On the other side of Bellasini’s screen, in Virtasia, Glitch was impatiently waiting for Bellasini to turn on her computer. His greed was beginning to overwhelm him.


As her screen came to life, in Glitch’s World of Windows, the first thing he caught sight of, was the two glimmering bracelets. The thought of them both being a world away, was almost more than he could endure.


The overwhelming expectation, of soon having one of the bangles, had caused him to lose sight, of any deceptions, that may have been going on in Bellasini’s bedroom.


In fact, he hardly gave Zac, who was really Bluebird in disguise, a second glance.


His eyes were totally fixed, on the glistening bracelets.


‘Ok, I can see you and Zac, so it would appear to be safe to travel to Reality. So get back here quickly with my bangle.’ Glitch typed out on her screen. 


"See ya soon Glitchie!” giggled Bellasini, as Bluebird waved goodbye to the screen. Bellasini turned off the computer, and jumped for joy, while giving Bluebird a big kiss.


“We did it! We’ve tricked the Glitch.”


She was just about to clash the two bracelets, and say ‘Virtasia,’ when her mobile phone began to ring. It was only 7.30 in the morning. Who could it be at this hour, she thought to herself? However, she thought she best answer it, just in case it was her father calling.

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