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“One hundred million dollars!” choked Glitch. “That’s way too much!”


“Have it your way, but that’s my price,” replied Bellasini, turning to walk away.


“Wait!” shouted Glitch. “Let’s say I did give you the money. How will I know, it is safe for me, to travel to and from, your world?”


“Hmm!” thought Bellasini, rubbing her chin, trying not to let him know, she already had the answer.


“Let me see now… How can I prove to you, it is safe for Virtasians, to travel to Reality and back?”


“Yes how?” impatiently bellowed Glitch.


Bellasini paced for a few more seconds, pretending to think the problem through, knowing that with each second that passed, Glitch was growing even more impatient, to get his hands on her bracelets.


“I’ve got it!” shouted Bellasini, sticking one finger in the air. “I will take Zac, who is a Virtasian, back to my world. Once there, I will call you on my computer, and you can talk to him, to make sure he is ok. Then I will return back here with him. This will prove, it is safe for Virtasians, to travel to Reality and back.”


“And then?” asked Glitch.


“Then I will use the bracelets, to take us all back to Reality.


Once safely there, I will sign your paper, and give you the bracelets. You, on the other hand, will use my computer, to transfer 100 million dollars, into my bank account.”


“Hmm,” thought Glitch out loud. “How can I be sure, you will give me the bangles, when we get to Reality? You might just leave me there?


"Bellasini once again began to pace up and down between the piles of money, and Glitch. Each time she passed Glitch, she would raise her hand and rub her chin, as if in deep thought, ensuring the bracelets came within inches, of his greed filled eyes.


“I’ve got it!” shouted Bellasini, slipping off one bracelet, and dangling it under his nose.


“When I return from the test run with Zac, I will give you one bracelet to put on. Then we will clash our two bracelets together, to get to Reality. Once there, I will give you the other bracelet, and you will transfer the money…. How’s that!”


“So, I will get one bangle when you return?” responded Glitch, who now seemed almost hypnotized, by the bracelets. “This you promise as a Princess!”


“I Princess Bellasini of Virtasia, promise to let you wear one bangle, upon my return from Reality,” replied Bellasini.


“Ok! I agree!” responded Glitch, believing he had won the negotiations. “Take Zac, and call me from your room. I will wait here, by your screen.”

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