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Trick the Glitch

Inside a whirlwind of colorful light, Bellasini and Zac, arrived back at Glitch’s vault, which was now filled from floor to ceiling with money.


Glitch was so busy counting all his new found wealth, he did not even notice their arrival.


“Oh, I’ve lost count, I’ll have to start all over again.” he cried out, rubbing his hands with glee.


As he turned back to the beginning of the money piles, he finally caught sight of Bellasini.


“Oh, you’re back, Princess!”


“I have decided, I have no other choice, than to meet your demands. My father needs some rest.”


“Yes, I saw him this morning,” responded a less than sympathetic Glitch. “Tch, Tch, he looks like a beaten man. I am so glad you have decided to let me help him,” continued Glitch, reaching for the letter of resignation. “Just sign here, and it will all be over!”


“Wow! But look at all this money. How much have you got now Glitch?” asked Bellasini, throwing bundles of hundred dollar bills into the air, until it appeared to be raining money.


“Oh a few billion,” boasted Glitch. “You see our computer virus, is now contaminating banks all over your world, so the money just keeps rolling in.”


“Wow, all this money, and nowhere to spend it. What a shame,” sighed Bellasini, throwing more and more money into the air. “Here in Virtasia you are just a ruler, however with this much money in my world, you could buy anything you wanted. Beautiful castles, boats, planes, cars, holidays… You would be worshiped, like a god.”


“A god you say?” pondered Glitch, rubbing his chin.


“Yes, a god!” shouted Bellasini.


“Oh! But why worry…. It won’t happen, you’re stuck here.”


“But you can travel, to and fro Princess?” responded Glitch, deep in thought.


“You want me to spend your money for you?” excitedly replied Bellasini.


“No, no, no!” snapped Glitch gruffly, looking at her bracelets. “I want you to give me your bangles.”


“You want me to give you these two little bangles,” responded Bellasini, placing them under his rather large nose.


Glitch could hardly control himself. The sight of the bracelets, so close, was almost more than he could bare.


Bellasini realized, Glitch’s greed, would get the better of him, so she moved even closer.


“So how much do you want for them?” asked Glitch, reaching out to touch them.


“Hmm, let me see,” responded Bellasini, pulling the bracelets out of his reach. “I think when I get back to my world, I would like to live the good life. So, let’s say 100 million dollars.”

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