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“You will know Princess,” laughed the Wizard, putting down his cup of tea. “Let me explain it to you this way. I am the Wizard of Wisdom, or WoW. The Master of Mischief, is the MoM. The MoM, is an upside down, WoW. The MoM, always gets things upside down, mixed up, or back to front. All his disguises, like his advice, are flawed in some way.


Anyone who takes the time to listen carefully, and question the advice given, will quickly work out, when the MoM, and not the Wizard, has their Lifelog open.


However, make sure you do listen carefully Princess,” continued the Wizard in a serious tone. “Because all those who constantly fail to recognize, when the MoM is up to no good with their Lifelogs, will evolve into the scoundrels, and scally wags, of the world.


He will remove your Lifelog, from the bright lit corridors and shelves that surround us here, and take it to his dark gloomy subterranean vault, where light, and color, no longer exist.


There the color of your Lifelog, will quickly fade into the dark brown gloom of the MoM’s world, where it will never experience, the bright, colorful lights, of life again.”


“So, how can I make him put my Lifelog back, if he ever opens it again?” asked Bellasini.


“If you recognize the MoM, you need only say, ‘I am not listening MoM,’ three times, and your Lifelog, will immediately fly out of his hands, back to its place on the shelf.”


Feeling relieved, the Wizard had not lost faith in her, or her quest to fix the Glitch, and with a clear picture, of the impish MoM, etched inside her head, Bellasini moved on to her next question.


“I know I am unable to transport just anybody with me. If I could do that, I would just take Glitch to some far off land, where nobody would ever find him again. So please explain to me, how come I can transport Zac, whenever, to wherever, I want?”


The Wizard just laughed, explaining that Zac wished to be with her, and hence moved between the two worlds, as freely as she did.


“Oh! I see, they need to wish to come with me,” pondered Bellasini aloud. “But Wiz, you said I couldn’t use my magic to harm people. Surely, turning a Virtasian into a stuffed toy in Reality, is harmful."


Pointing to Zac sitting on his table, totally covered from head to toe in cake, the Wizard chuckled. “Princess, look over at Zac, I don’t think anything that you, or your magic, have done to this bird, has in anyway harmed him.”


A bemused Zac, momentarily stopped scoffing the cake, to investigate what all the laughter was about.


“So tell me Wiz,” continued Bellasini. “Can anybody else use access the magic of the bracelets?”


The Wizard explained, only she could gain access to the magic of the bracelets. They were absolutely useless to anybody else.


He did however go on to say, she could call upon the magic of the bracelets, so long as she was wearing, at least one of them. The other one, would have to be worn by a person, which she was in some way joined to; such as holding hands. This would complete, the circle of magic.


“Thanks Wiz!” shouted Bellasini, giving him a hug. “That’s all I needed to know.”


Armed with the answers to all her questions, Bellasini was now confident, she could move onto part four, of her plan.


So, after dragging Zac reluctantly away from the last of the cake, and saying her goodbyes, she clashed the two bracelets together, shouting aloud, “Glitch.”

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