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 The Plan

Next day, Bellasini woke very early. None of her usual, feathered and furry friends, had arrived yet.


She leapt from her bed, and rushed to the window.


“I‘ve got it,” she shouted from her window. “I have my key. I know how to fix the Glitch!”


Next she beckoned Bluebird, who was still in her nest, to fly over.


Bluebird had never seen Bellasini so excited, as she listened intently, to Bellasini’s four part plan, to fix the Glitch.


“So! Are you in?” asked Bellasini.


Bluebird, eagerly nodded her head. “Of course I’m in.”


The next part of Bellasini’s plan, was to talk to her father, using her computer.


She knew Glitch would be monitoring it, and for her plan to work, she needed him to believe, she was tired of this conflict.


So she turned the screen back around, plugged it into the power, and connected to her father at the bank.


“Hi dad, how’s it all going?” asked Bellasini, through her web cam.


“Good morning Pumpkin!” replied her father, who was looking extremely tired. “It could be going better, I guess.”


Bellasini casually chatted to her father for a while, before asking, if he knew what type of virus, was attacking the bank’s computer.


He replied that he had never seen anything like it before. Every time he thought he had the virus beaten, it would change its form, and attack the computer in a different way. It was as if someone was sending a new virus, every ten minutes.


“I have even isolated the bank’s computer system, by disconnecting all the internet, and data connections, but still the viruses keep coming.”


“What if the virus was not being downloaded via the internet, but was actually living inside the computer?” asked Bellasini.


“If that was the case Pumpkin, I would have destroyed this virus, a long time ago,” replied her father. “One virus is easy to isolate, and destroy.”


“But what would happen, if the virus inside the computer, was intelligent, and able to see your every move, constantly changing its strategy, to counter yours?”


“Hmm!” pondered her father. “If that was the case Pumpkin, it may take years to beat this virus.”


“Just as I thought dad. Maybe it is time, we both just admit, we have met our match.”


A dejected Bellasini, said her goodbyes, and switched off her computer.


As the last flicker on the screen disappeared, her mood quickly changed.


“Yes!” she shouted. “So far, so good.”


The call to her father, had gone just as she planned. Glitch, who was sure to have been viewing their conversation, through one of his millions of windows, would now believe, she was ready to give up.

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