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“I’m back!” shouted Bellasini, bursting through the door.


Gemma, who had been waiting patiently for her return, grabbed her by the arm, as soon as she stepped through the door.


“I have been waiting all night to hear your stories, and I am not going to wait a minute longer.”


Dashing upstairs to her room, Bellasini once again started to recount the strange happenings of her adventure filled day.


Gemma, was naturally somewhat disbelieving, of her seemingly far fetched tales, especially when she told her of her Lifelog, in the Wizard of Wisdom’s Library of Life.


However, she listened intently to every detail.

“Ok Girl!” shrieked Gemma, jumping up from the bed. “Let’s see some magic!”


“I can’t,” replied Bellasini, holding out her arms. “I have taken off the magic bracelets.”


“Well just put them back on Sini,” shrieked Gemma, searching the room for them.


”Let’s get some magic happening here.”


“I will show them to you, but I can’t put them back on,” responded Bellasini, walking over to her shelves.


“Wow!” squealed Gemma, as she caught sight of the bracelets. “They are so beautiful…. Seeing you don’t want to put them on, is it ok if I wear them?”


“I’m not sure if that's safe,” replied Bellasini, glancing down at them. “But I know someone who will know.”


“Book!” Shrieked Bellasini, toward the ceiling.


However, Book did not come. So she tried again.


“Book! where are you?"


Gemma was dumb struck, by what she was witnessing.


“Sini are you crazy or something? Why are you looking up at the ceiling, and calling for your books. All your books, are just over there,” she explained, pointing toward all the bookshelves in her room.


Bellasini tried to explain to Gemma, who Book was. But it was no use. Gemma just stood and stared, in disbelief.


“Ok! Just try them on,” bellowed a frustrated Bellasini.


Gemma quickly slipped on both bracelets.


“So now what?”


“You tap them together, and say out loud, where you want to go to,” cautiously responded Bellasini.


“Ok, here goes!” shouted Gemma, tapping the bracelets together. “Hollywood!”


The room went silent, but nothing happened.


So after a few seconds, she tried again.


Still nothing happened.


Gemma looked up with disbelieving eyes at Bellasini.


It was obvious, she was having great doubts, about her friend’s whole seemingly far fetched story.


“Sini, are you sure you weren’t dreaming all this, or maybe you just stood out in the sun too long today, at school.”


“But Gemma, you saw me on your computer today,” replied Bellasini. “I talked to you from Virtasia. Remember the talking bird,” she desperately continued, pointing to Zac, standing motionlessly on the shelf.”


“Sini, you are a computer Wiz. How do I know, you just didn’t use some new multimedia program, or such, to animate that doll?”


“Well, what about this,” shouted Bellasini, pulling out the autograph the Dragon Prince had given her.


“Sini, you surely don’t expect me to accept, that a make believe computer game character, signed this… I think it is time I went home… You obviously need to rest.”


Gemma was Bellasini’s best friend, and if she could not believe her, then who would.


“Wait!” cried out Bellasini. “Give me the bracelets.”


The last thing she wanted to do, was go back to Virtasia, where Glitch and his men were sure to be waiting. So once they were both on, she tapped them together, and quietly said. “To the garden.”


In a brief whirlwind of colorful light, Bellasini disappeared.


Gemma just sat with her mouth and eyes, wide open, in total disbelief, trying to comprehend what she had just witnessed.


Bellasini had just disappeared, right in front of her eyes.


How was that possible?


Did she just imagine it?


Gemma rubbed her eyes again, and again, to no avail. Bellasini was gone.


“Gemma! I’m out here,” called Bellasini, from outside the bedroom window.


Gemma ran to the window.


There, sitting half way up a tree in her garden, laughing, was Bellasini.


She tapped the bracelets together once more, and again disappeared.


It was the first time in Gemma’s entire life, she was totally lost for words.


“Aghhh!’ screamed Gemma, as Bellasini tapped her on the shoulder.


“Oh my gosh Sini, it’s true! You can do magic,” squealed Gemma. “Show me more.”


“Well apparently, I can grant wishes as well,” coyly continued Bellasini.


“Oh my god!” squealed Gemma once more. “Then let me see! What shall I wish for?” She thought for a second before continuing. “Well, I have always wished to be a movie star, but right now, I wish I had a million dollars.”


“I’m sorry Gemma, but I can’t grant those types of wishes,” replied Bellasini. “You see, apparently, I can only grant selfless wishes, and giving you a million dollars, hardly appears to be selfless.”


“You mean, I have to wish for something like, peace on earth?”


“Yeah, I suppose so,” replied Bellasini, “But I don’t think I am up to granting peace on earth yet. I wouldn’t know how to do something that big yet.”


Gemma, who was still bouncing with excitement, grabbed Bellasini’s hands, while trying to think of another wish.


As she did, she accidentally caused the bracelets on Bellasini’s wrists, to touch.


Instantly, a ribbon of golden light began to emerge from the bracelets, which wrapped itself around, and around, the two girls. After wrapping them up like a birthday present, it suddenly shot towards the ceiling, where it exploded like a fire-cracker. Raining snowflakes of gold, down upon them both.


“Wow, what happened then?” shrieked Gemma.


“I don’t know,” replied a bewildered, and somewhat nervous, Bellasini. “I wonder what we have done.”


The girls sat silently for a while, cautiously scanning the room. Waiting for whatever was supposed to happen, to happen. But nothing did.


“I don’t think we should mess around with these bracelets any more tonight,” piped up Bellasini, “just in case we do something, we are not supposed to.”


Gemma had no such reservations, and wanted to try everything, then and there.


However, Bellasini was afraid if they kept playing with the bracelets, she would somehow end up back in Glitch’s clutches.


After much debate, the girls agreed to call it a night.

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