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Arriving at Gran’s front door, Bellasini ended her story, by telling of her near capture by Glitch and his men, inside what appeared to be the computer, of her father’s Bank.


“So what are you going to do next Princess?” asked Gran, while searching through her purse, for her front door key.


“I don’t think I can do anything Gran,” replied Bellasini. “Glitch just has too many soldiers, and robots. Even if I was to buy every toy soldier at the supermarket, and take them back with me to Virtasia, I still don’t think they would be a match for Glitch’s army.”


“Hmm!” Thought Gran aloud, finally finding her big old key, and inserting into the door. “So Princess, tell me once again. What did the Wizard of Wisdom, tell you about your magic abilities?”


“He said, good will always triumph over evil, as will charity, over greed,” replied Bellasini. “And that this wisdom, was all the magic,I would ever need.”


“Then you would seem to possess, the only key you need to rid Virtasia, and Reality, of Glitch,” replied Gran.


“I don’t know what you mean Gran,” responded Bellasini, shaking her head.


“Princess, look at this door. See how solid it is,” said Gran, pointing to the door. “There is no way I could possibly get past this strong wooden door, if I had to rely on my frail strength, to break it down."


“Of course not Gran,” replied a somewhat baffled Bellasini. “But you don’t need to break it down. Just turn the key, and it will open.”


“So, even the frailest person, armed with the right key, possesses the strength to open, and push aside, the largest obstacles,” continued Gran, turning the key and pushing open the door.


As Bellasini watched Gran, push the big old door aside, she thought hard about what Gran had just said.


What key did Gran think she possessed, which would allow her to push Glitch, and his army aside. Surely, she was not suggesting that ‘good,’ or ‘charity,’ were the keys to overcoming an army of villains, like Glitch.


“So Gran, what key do I possess?”


“Just as I had to look for this key inside my bag, you will have to search long, and hard, to find yours. But it is there Princess. It has always been there… Just look inside yourself, and you will find it.”


“But the Wizard advised me, to give up the quest,” responded Bellasini.


“The Wizard can only advise you, Princess. The decision will always be yours… However, it is late now, and I am very tired. Besides, it is time you got back home to your friend.”


Once Bellasini was sure that Gran had made it safely up the stairs, she closed the door, and ran home, thinking all the while about what Gran had said.

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