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“Hi mum! Good to see you have all the appliances under control,” giggled Bellasini, entering the kitchen.


“I hope so Pumpkin,” replied her mother, hesitantly glancing around the room. “But when did you get back from Gemma’s. I didn’t hear you come in?”


“Oh, I tip toed in a while ago.”


“Oh my gosh! Where did you get that beautiful tiara from Pumpkin?” gasped her mother, moving toward her to take a closer look. ”Why, it must be worth a fortune?”


"I gave it to her,” piped up Gran.


Bellasini had rushed into the kitchen so fast, she had not noticed Gran, sitting at the dining table.


“It is a very, very old family heirloom,” continued Gran. “I thought it was time for our Princess to have it.”


“Sorry Gran, I didn’t see you sitting here,” sighed Bellasini, untangling herself from her mother’s embrace, and rushing over to her.


“I need to talk to you,” whispered Bellasini leaning down to kiss her on the cheek.


“There is plenty of time for that Princess,” replied Gran. “First let’s enjoy your birthday.


“So, is dad able to make it home from the Bank, for my birthday?” asked Bellasini.


“Apparently the problem is getting worse by the minute,” explained her mother. “I don’t think...”


Ding dong!


It was the front door.


Bellasini jumped up, and rushed toward the door, hoping against hope, that it was her father.


“Happy Birthday Sini!” screamed Gemma, as Bellasini opened the door.


The girls stood for a while, hugging each other, squealing with delight. It was as though that they had not seen each other for years, instead of just a few hours ago at school.


While still jumping about at the door, Gemma whispered. “Don’t forget girl, you’re telling me everything, before I leave."


Still giggling, Bellasini nodded, as she led Gemma into the dining room.


The birthday party was a lot of fun. Bellasini’s mother had cooked all her favorite foods and desserts, and had spent hours decorating the room with ‘Happy Birthday’ balloons and signs. Still, it was not quite the same without her father.


After dinner, they lit the fifteen candles on Bellasini’s cake, dimmed the lights, and sang happy birthday.


However, the second they finished singing, Bellasini just blew out all the candles. A stunned silence fell over the room.


Bellasini had not made a wish.


She had never, ever, not made a wish before blowing out her birthday candles. In fact, she usually took the opportunity, to make hundreds of them.

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