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The Birthday Party

Riding inside a tunnel of colorful light, Bellasini’s magic bracelets, had delivered her safely back to her room in Reality. Hands on her knees, frantically trying to catch her breath, with Zac and Kuching lying motionless at her feet, Bellasini let out a deep sigh of relief.


The journey back to Reality, had as the Wizard predicted, turned them both into toys.


Gently picking them up from the floor, and placing them on the shelf next to her chimney sweep boy, she sighed. “I am sorry guys, but there was nothing else I could do. I am afraid you will have to remain here with me, as toys forever. At least here, we will all be safe.”


Falling back onto her bed, still shaking, she slowly gained her breath and composure.


“Oh my Gosh! I nearly forgot,” she suddenly shouted, jumping up and shutting down the screen of her laptop. “I am not taking any chances, that you may have a window into my room.”


Bellasini needed some time to think, and try and work out what had gone wrong. She needed to decide whether or not, she would ever return to Virtasia, where Glitch and his soldiers, were sure to be waiting.


Her confused thoughts, must have caused her Lifelog to violently thrust out from its place on the shelf, within the Wizard’s Library of Life. Almost immediately, his tiny voice entered her head offering advice. “Princess, you gave it your best shot. Glitch is just too powerful, and dangerous, with his army of villains. You tried… But now it’s time to give up this foolish quest.”


Bellasini was somewhat surprised by the Wizard’s advice; to just give up. However, still in shock after her close encounter with Glitch’s guards, she was more than happy to take the advice given, and remain in the warm, safe, comfort of her home in Reality.


Looking down at the bracelets on her wrists, she quietly whispered, as she slipped them off one by one.


“I am sorry Grandpa, I have failed you. But you must understand, I have never been that scared in my whole life. Now I don’t think I will ever be able to find the courage to put these bracelets back on… Forgive me.”


Bellasini placed the bracelets on the shelf, next to Kuching.


“Watch over these for me.”


The old clock in Bellasini’s room began to chime. It was now six o’clock, and unless she hurried, she was going to be late for her own birthday party. So, she quickly got changed, and headed down to the kitchen, where her mother was still busy preparing dinner.

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