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“I know what you are trying to do, here inside the Bank’s computer,” shouted Bellasini, spinning around to confront Glitch. “You’re robbing it… But haven’t you forgotten who I am? What’s to stop me using my magic, to fix you, and your friends, once and for all?”


”Obviously, the meddling Wizard did not explain everything to you Princess. Magic can never be used to harm anyone,” responded Glitch, glancing towards Bellasini’s bracelets. “And to ensure you never try to use your magic to reclaim the throne, I will need you to leave me your bangles.”


Without warning Bellasini shouted skyward, “Book!”


Arriving in his usual puff of smoke, Book’s bobble immediately started darting from one side to the next, checking out all the unfamiliar, and seemingly unfriendly, people.


“Book, as the keeper of all the knowledge of Virtasia,” began Bellasini. “Is it possible for me, to use my magic to stop Glitch stealing money from Reality?”


Before Book could answer, the high tech scene dissolved, leaving them all once again, standing back in Glitch’s glass control room; surrounded by guards who had been hiding inside the scene.


“Seize them!” shouted Glitch.


A huge net dropped down over Kuching, as guards rushed forward to grab Zac and Bellasini.


It took just one small guard to hold down Zac, whereas Bellasini found herself restrained by two enormous men.


“Hold both her arms,” yelled Glitch. “Don’t let her touch those two bangles together.”


With a guard on each arm, no matter how hard she struggled, it was impossible to move her bracelets together.


She knew if she was unable to touch the bracelets together, it was going to be impossible for them to escape to safety. She struggled, and struggled, but it was no use. The guards were just too big, and strong.




The guard on Bellasini’s right arm, suddenly fell to the floor.


The troops had been so intent on capturing Zac and Bellasini, they had forgotten all about Book, who had transformed himself into the thickest dictionary imaginable, before launching himself, as hard as he could, at the head of one of the guards.


As the guard fell to the floor, Bellasini managed to free her right arm, allowing her to touch the two bracelets together.


“Reality!” she shouted.


With a blinding burst of golden light, Bellasini, Kuching, Zac and Book all disappeared, leaving the remaining guards, holding nothing but thin air.


As Glitch watched the last golden flakes of light drop to the floor, he now knew he would have to get Bellasini’s bracelets, if he was ever going to truly be, the ruler of both worlds.

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