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With that, two of the most hideous looking characters Bellasini had ever seen, appeared alongside Glitch.


The female character, dressed in a bright red and yellow polka dot dress, looked like a huge lollipop, with her bright orange hair tied back in pigtails. While the other character, just looked like a slimy worm, in clothes.


“Princess,” announced Glitch, “I would like you to meet Melissa and Worm. Two of the best contamination experts, in the game.”


“I know who they are,” responded Bellasini. "Computer viruses!"


“Correct again Princess!" applauded Glitch. "You really do know your computers."


So who’s winning?” continued Glitch, rubbing his hands together.


Melissa pushed a few buttons on the consul next to her, to light up a huge underground vault, which lay beneath the control panels and glass floor they were all standing upon. It was filled, floor to ceiling,  with millions, upon millions of dollars.


The machines being operated by the purple neon robots, were somehow able to convert the thousands of pulses of light entering them, into money, which fell through a hole in the bottom of the machine, into the basement below. Hundreds more white neon robots in the vault below, were collecting the money as it floated to the floor and stacked it all, in neat piles. The huge basement below Bellasini's feet, was full of money, dropped from the machines above. 


“Wow! I have never seen so much money. Ah! But what good is it. We don’t use money in Virtasia,” piped up Zac, turning his two small pockets inside out.


“Hmm! Let me get this straight. You steal all this money from our world, yet you have no use for it in your world?” asked a somewhat confused Bellasini.


“Ah! But Princess! Soon I will be the richest man in Reality… And the person with the most money, always seems to control your world. It is then, I will become ruler of both worlds. Which brings me to why you are here? I have a little piece of paper here for you to sign, which says in a nutshell, you are too busy to become the ruler of Virtasia. What with school, friends, and all that other stuff you have to worry about,” continued Glitch, gesturing Bellasini to take the pen and paper. “So you agree to appoint me, Glitch, to continue ruling Virtasia… And! Who knows, after you sign this, I may be in a position to stop the virus at your dad’s Bank.”


Bellasini stared out through the screen at her father, furiously typing away on his keyboard; seemingly fighting a losing battle.


She noticed every time her father finished typing in a few commands, the antenna on the purple robots controlling all the machines, shook violently. Causing them all to suddenly freeze for a second, and fade in color. When they stopped working, all the red and yellow bursts of light, just passed straight through their machines, and money stopped falling into the basement.  


As soon as this happened, Melissa and Worm immediately began to type vigorously on their control panels, which revived the purple robots. When they were up and working again, the bursts of light once again began to disappear upon entering the machines, and the money resumed falling into the basement.


It suddenly all made sense to Bellasini. They were inside her dad's bank’s computer. And Glitch was using Melissa, and Worm, to steal all the money.

Melissa and Worm

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