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It was obvious to Bellasini, looking out through the screen as it enlarged on the wall of the command center, that her father was losing the battle, to repair the bank’s computer virus.


She had never seen him look so tired. His frustration was evident, as he furiously typed away on the keyboard.


“Hmm! It would appear that your dad’s fighting a losing battle.”


“You don’t know my dad, Glitch!” responded Bellasini. “He is a brilliant computer programmer, with years and years of experience deciphering, and destroying viruses. He will beat you yet. Just wait and see.”


“Well your father does not believe in making childish wishes Princess. So I don’t think your magic will ever be able to help him. Besides, it’s not me your father has to deal with,” replied Glitch innocently. “I would never do such a thing.”


Glitch pushed another sequence of buttons on the arm of his chair, causing the screen to further enlarge, in much the same way the Dragon Prince set had previously. However this time, they found themselves floating high above, a small transparent glass city.


Bellasini looking down through the floor, could see through all the glass rooftops of the buildings, of the colorful transparent city, which were being lit up from the inside, by hundreds of thousands, of colorful bursts of red and yellow light.


Glitch, using the controls on his chair, guided the group down towards one of the glass buildings of the city.


As they got closer, Bellasini could see clearly inside the structure.


It appeared to be made of the same glass-like substance, as the bubbles they had ridden in.


Floating slowly down with Glitch, they passed through the roof of the structure, before landing gently on the floor. Bellasini was now surrounded by hundreds of the high tech luminous white neon stick men, or robots, who appeared to be monitoring the red and yellow bursts of light, entering the colorful glass structure, through the transparent wires; on their way to numerous, high tech control panels. Each control panel, which was covered with hundreds of colorful flashing lights, and buttons, was being controlled by a small group of bright purple neon robots, standing in front of each panel. All the robots, had a small antenna on top of their heads, through which they seemed to be receiving their instructions.


Thousands of pulses, of red and yellow light entered the control panel each minute. However, under the control of the purple robots, only a few ever came out the other side; to carry on their journey. Bellasini was unsure where all the other pulses of light were disappearing to. However, one thing she was sure of. If these neon robots were working for Glitch, then they were up to no good.


“As I said Princess,” resumed Glitch. “I could never do such a thing… but maybe they could!”

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